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The Mark

I joined this crazy place on 2016-08-25, 329 days ago.

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Joke of the Year - 1 days ago

You two are obviously having a very difficult time coping with this new president. Have you considered seeing a therapist?

The small horse - 6 days ago

Rep. Al Green's Trump Derangement Syndrome is truly imbecilic - 63 days ago

[i]I saw that! Let May 17th be in the history books as "Enough is enough day".[/i] Enough is enough day was Nov 8, 2016. [img]

Kingwood Underground needs reform. - 102 days ago

[i]You are a troll. Case in point. It hurts to be exposed but it is what it is. Why don't you go outside, read a book or do something offline, it will help.? [/i] but aren't you posting here a...

Kingwood Underground needs reform. - 102 days ago

...says the mod that trolls. You pick fights. Admit it.

I am back - 106 days ago

At first glance thought you could be Rachel Dolezal but you are [u]back[/u].

An adult conversation regarding immigration and the wall. - 107 days ago

Creekwood let out late today

First official portrait of the First Lady - 107 days ago

[i]thinks trump is really going to do something for him... [/i] Unlike you and the other misfits believing Trump will do something [u]to[/u] them...


[i]Trump already backed down on the wall. He never mentions it. It was nothing more than campaign rhetoric to appeal like such fine upstanding persons as yourself.? [/i] Like closing Gitmo? ...

The KU Health Care Proposal - 111 days ago

[i]why not? Health care in a for profit market has proven to not be as effective as Canadian and European models have proven to be. [/i] What's stopping you from moving to one of these utopia cou...

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