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I joined this crazy place on 2017-11-14, 1 years ago.

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KU really is a ghost town these days... - 1 years ago

[i]Too much politics and arguing here. Go to if you want lively and civil conversation.?[/i] That sight is horrible!! I went there and did some browsing and OMG. Racist people referrin...

Now Al Franken has been accused of sexual assault - 1 years ago

[i]Trump took to Twitter to bash Franken, but hasn't said a word about Moore. He's making this a partisan issue when it is not. Another way for him to further divide the country.?[/i] +1

Now Al Franken has been accused of sexual assault - 1 years ago

[i]Liberal hypocrisy never ends. It's disgusting, vile actually.[/i] Any hypocrisy is vile. Yes, even conservatives' hypocrisy.

ATTN Gardeners. You gotta see this! - 1 years ago

That is really handy; I agree it needs a mini spray gun too :)

A sheriff gone too far - 1 years ago

[i] It's typical hypocrisy in politics.?[/i] The ones about Obama that I saw were really bad; but I don't remember any sheriff complaining. Total hypocrisy for anyone to have a problem with tho...

Gray Kitten - 1 years ago

Handsome kitty; good job!

Yet another mass shooting spree - 1 years ago

Oh, I saw it on Fox myself actually. Fox online; rarely turn on the tube.

sexually assaulting a minor? - 1 years ago

One of my aunts was molested by her uncle and the family didn't hear a thing about it until the uncle died some 50 years after the incident. She was afraid, ashamed, and was taught you don't talk abou...

Hi Everyone - 1 years ago

Thank you; it would just be nice to chat at bit at times :)

Randall's Re-opening Tomorrow! - 1 years ago

[i]They're fried chicken is great!?[/i] I've never tried their deli chicken; I think I was scarred the times I tried Walmart and Kroger's deli chicken.

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