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Most annoying click-bait headlines... - 313 days ago

"Doctors hate him." lol

Instead of what they are asking for... Let's Abolish the Democratic party! - 327 days ago

They want.... ...they want to abolish ICE??? The Immigration and Customs....[i]Enforcement.[/i] That's new.

13 Reasons Why - 359 days ago

[i]So you don't think a movie about a real issue, even if that particular story is fiction, that opens up the dialogue, and encourages understanding about said topic and other important issues such as...

Sears at Deerbrook Mall avoids the hatchet again - 359 days ago

+1 Thanks. I still go there at times so I'd hate for them to close.

Adorable Predators - 359 days ago


Adorable Predators - 359 days ago

What? lol. They're cute. And well, yes, they're morbid. But they're cute.

13 Reasons Why - 359 days ago

[i]Daaaang!!! Puts my simplistic, rough opinion to shame.[/i] Nothin' wrong with simple. :)

Adorable Predators - 359 days ago

I honestly can't say which I like edit: Alriiiight! More on Google! :D

13 Reasons Why - 359 days ago

Honestly, I don't know much about the series (or the book) save for a few bits and pieces I've picked up through the news, etc. Even so, I used to work at a bookstore, and I admit I'm forming wha...

Adorable Predators - 359 days ago

Oh odd.....but...I love it. I must have the source!!!

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