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How's the lesser tax refund working for you? - 7 days ago

I don’t understand what the problem is. Yes, my refund is lower this year, but I paid less taxes. I feel stupid for even getting a refund of any kind. My goal is to owe taxes every year. One of the...

What is DACA? - 8 days ago

Am I really the youngest person here? Page 1 reads like a bunch of kids arguing over who is right. Seems pretty childish

What is DACA? - 8 days ago

[i]Any shooting wouldn’t have happened if guns weren’t manufactured. [/i] What similar products have we stopped producing? I’m just wondering what kind of production bans work? They seem to be ve...

How about all them illegals tRump kept on his payroll for years - 8 days ago

As to the OP, I’m sure we have all paid for the services of illegal workers. Doesn’t that just prove our inability to enforce our own laws? We need to get better at it. What law changes does t...

How about all them illegals tRump kept on his payroll for years - 8 days ago

Melania came here legally. She’s a model. We want more models to come here. If you want to fuss about whether or not she was legally paid to prance around in skimpy clothes then go ahead and label me ...

Houston Area Christian Music - 21 days ago

[i] Religion breeds and spreads hate, and hate hurts people. [/i] All religions? This topic was about Christian music. You won’t find any on my Spotify account, but my parents raised me to be C...

Houston Area Christian Music - 22 days ago

Why would you say that on this topic EoK? It seems like this topic is for people who enjoy Christian music. Whether or not God answers prayer is not a subject that helps anyone by trying to debunk...

CAVES UNDER PRESSure - 24 days ago

I never noticed it before, but “caves under pressure” seems to be everywhere. Many blogs and news sites are going with it. It’s like a mass communication was sent out to certain people and/or auto...

It's a beee-uuuuuuu-tttttt-full day! - 24 days ago

[i]Walls don't work. [/i] Another poster repeated this same line under a different topic. I asked some questions to the poster and Prolix correctly predicted that the poster would not answer. So...

Shutdown Families - 24 days ago

[i] I get it that its a major inconvenience, but it's being overplayed[/i] I’m sure the border patrol agents missing paychecks really appreciate that it is being “overplayed”

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