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I joined this crazy place on 2018-10-10, 66 days ago.

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Why, oh why - 13 hours ago

[i]We aren't triggered, but some of us like convo sans the insults and pot stirring. [/i] Pot stirring? Is this level of drama really necessary? Cutting paper and taping it is literally something...

Why, oh why - 14 hours ago

This is really weird to me. I had no idea so many people that post here are so easily triggered. I have never received this kind of feedback from anyone about things I say to them before. But it mu...

Why, oh why - 16 hours ago

Is that against the rules or am I going to become one of those people that are held to a different standard? Let me know if dropping a harmless tickle every now and then is wrong.

Why, oh why - 17 hours ago

It’s not difficult at all EoK. It’s just a bunch of simple techniques they teach in preschool that don’t involve colorful language. You should have watched a YouTube video.

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 17 hours ago

[i]If it were that bad, she would have never remembered WHICH line she was in to begin with. Lol [/i] Not necessarily. It doesn’t work that way. Everyone experiences it differently. It’s also not...

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 17 hours ago

[i] Your obviously not familiar with the symptoms of Alzheimers. The reality is that there are rude people out there and that's just a fact. The reality is that there are people with entitled attitud...

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 1 days ago

[i]The lady did come back with 5 items in her arms, or so many more items that she had trouble holding them all! She seemed confused? SMDH WHO does that?? [/i] People with Alzheimer’s? Based on ...

Communication styles of Men and Women - 8 days ago

[i]But to BE that threatens their status among other men and likely makes them uncomfortable imo. So they digress.. and I think they LIKED that women needed them to survive and it?s no longer the case...

Communication styles of Men and Women - 8 days ago

[i]Men feel being empathetic and a good listener is weak[/i] I am not a fan of generalizing, but this is one of the most common criticisms that older generation men have about millennials.

America was great before Trump, he can make it great again! - 8 days ago

[i] Make America crash again. Reference 799 points[/i] I wish I had more to put in, but even I saw this as a buying opportunity.

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