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I joined this crazy place on 2018-10-10, 195 days ago.

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trump tax scam - 4 days ago

Until he learns to have conversations, maybe no one should reply to his posts. I wish the same could be said for the person with a couple of usernames that bizarrely just posts pictures of Donald T...

trump tax scam - 4 days ago

By avoiding my questions, I’m wondering if the real tax scam is the one fuzz has fallen for?

trump tax scam - 4 days ago

I doubted it was true that the middle class are paying more in taxes so I tried looking up more information. It appears that people who live in areas where local taxes are high might be paying more...

trump tax scam - 4 days ago

[i]Refunds are down $6B after the trump tax scam[/i] Why are refunds the best way to identify whether people’s taxes were cut? Seems like you are avoiding a more important measure. You don’t want t...

Jagger and Richards redefine what it is to be a senior citizen - 14 days ago

This thread went off the rails when you decided to change my words from “seem to” to “tend to”. It helped set the stage so you could nastily mock my “priceless comment”. What other purpose would it se...

The Truth About Men - 14 days ago

You are right that I am not that smart. Finished near the bottom of my class at Kingwood High. I’ve done much better in college though. I actually made the Dean’s List during my last year. It wa...

The Truth About Men - 14 days ago

Literally nothing you have said about me is true. How many others do you falsely accuse of things? It is sad that the only thing that will change that is your own awakening to your psychological state...

The Truth About Men - 14 days ago

I brought out Mean Joe Blow? What in the world are you talking about? Now I post as Joe Blow too? He hasn’t even posted on this topic and hasn’t posted for days. But maybe he did and you just erased i...

The Truth About Men - 15 days ago

I don’t think anyone is worried. It is pretty obvious your accusations are completely made up and exist only in your head. Or you are trolling me to make EoK’s point about women making up false...

Jagger and Richards redefine what it is to be a senior citizen - 15 days ago

[i] Who does this? Is this the latest reincartion of the stalker I have heard you have? yikeS! this is Kingwood millinial his latest? I have not paid him any attention I guess I will watch him now an...

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