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I joined this crazy place on 2005-07-27, 16 years ago.

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Anyone sew/ make ragdolls - 4 years ago

Oh my goodness texaslady. Do you remember what size they were? I did find someone to make mine thankfully. I needed a specific copy of the one I have so I'm happy to have found someone who can do that...

Anyone sew/ make ragdolls - 4 years ago

Thanks sheddy, I remember that store. Appreciate the reminder. Jpgirl...yes I know, thus the panic :)

Anyone sew/ make ragdolls - 4 years ago

I'm looking for someone locally to sew a rag doll for me. I have a doll to copy/use as a pattern. The doll is 21 inches. My granddaughter wants this for Christmas so I'm in a bit of a panic ?? I will ...

LOST CAT - 5 years ago

Was going to suggest you put his bed, some food, water outside your door. Scent might help him get home. Hope you find him soon.

Pedestrian killed in kingwood - 5 years ago

The child was 3 yrs. old. Horrifying accident for all. The children were playing in their yard supervised by a very loving Mom/Aunt. The little boy just dashed out in front of the car in an instant. D...

Strange noise and flashes of lights Saturday 1/9 - 5 years ago

We heard this too. Very strange noise. If anyone finds out exactly what it was please post.

WLH pkwy and northpark woman with kids? - 6 years ago

I saw her around 4pm on North Park Dr. in the McDonald's parking lot. She was standing almost on North Park. I tried to read the sign but was unable to as well. I almost turned around to go back but h...

Watering - 6 years ago

As welcome as the breezes are for us, they dry out the plants even more. It's going to be a challenge to get our lawns, plants through this heat wave.

Found basset/beagle mix? - 6 years ago

Charlie's owner just picked him up. Great ending.

Found basset/beagle mix? - 6 years ago

LOL..........don't even ask! MALE basset not female :) Still hoping to find its family.

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