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I joined this crazy place on 2006-04-05, 11 years ago.

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Quote of the day "Im sorry my son is autistic" - 4 years ago

A lot of ignorance comes from the parents, sadly. I think there is a lack of compassion in life period. Thankfully I raised my kids differently. You wouldn't see mine treating yours any different :) ...

Found Dog in Hunter's Ridge - 4 years ago

I think I seen the same dog this morning. Escape artist?

Patriot's Day Costumes @ School - 4 years ago

I was wondering if anyone had any dresses or bonnets for sale. I have a 5th grader girl who is quite small :) Anyone wanting to rid their child's old costume?

Bicycle Accident on WLH - 5 years ago

This was the accident I was talking about. I was taking my kids to their school (Greentree) and I seen a child (could not make out age) and a woman hovering over them...hugging and rocking. There was ...

Bike accident in Greentree this morning. - 5 years ago

Anyone else see this? I hope everyone is ok.

Donate to Star of Hope! - 5 years ago

Critical Needs Deodorant for men and women Diapers - Sizes 5 & 6 Bath towels Razors Urgent Needs Diapers Baby Powder Shaving Cream Razors Deodorant Travel Size Soap Bottled Water ...

Looking for a good doctor... - 5 years ago

For adult ADD. I need to find someone. I think something like Adderall could really change my concentration at work. I have ADD. :(

CNN- Dad tells son to call police - 5 years ago

Very sad. The real victims are the kids. :(

Mom Groups - 5 years ago

Well, we can have a variety of people...and everyone can be flexible :)

Mom Groups - 5 years ago

Meetup had moms of 2 year olds. I made one for school age kids...and I have a 2 month old. I could do evenings on certain days :)

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