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JLO --- 10 years ago -

What is being built between on Hwy 59 & 494, on both the north and south sides of Northpark. I know Gander Mountain is one tenant and Harley Davidson is the other. Any other rumors about what it will be, there is lots of land there that has been cleard and getting started.  

Cristie --- 10 years ago -

I heard Target but why would they put that there when there is one at Townsend 

iwaveatcows --- 10 years ago -

someone recently told me a movie theater 

iwaveatcows --- 10 years ago -

i had not heard about gander mountain but i knew about the harley dealer (of which I will visit often) 

partyboy --- 10 years ago -

a harley dealer here huh....the kingwood tag will look especially tough lemme tell ya 

$AshleyThePrincess$ --- 10 years ago -

I know theyre supposed to be building some kind of mall thing (from what i hear from my gma) or that mightve been in new caney i cant remember cause she was bitching about how traffic is gonna be even worse and how many more shopping centers does humble/kingwood/porter really need? I kinda agree with her i HATE driving in traffic 

Flopsy Bunny Boutique --- 10 years ago -

Is that true about a Gander Mountain? That would be awesome! There is a very large shopping center/Town Center going in near Valley Ranch in New Caney. It's going to be at the 59/Community Drive area. There is supposed to be a Tinseltown going in, stores, and restaurants. 

Chelsea --- 10 years ago -

I did hear about the center going in by New Caney. SUpposedly they are modeling it after the Woodlands area center- maybe the same builders. 

iwaveatcows --- 10 years ago -

if they are modeling after the woodlands it should be a success as opposed to whatever the heck kingwood has been modeling after 

Louisiana Proud --- 10 years ago -

Is that true about a Gander Mountain? That would be awesome! I would prefer Bass pro Shop. 

Misti --- 10 years ago -

Yeah, there is going to be a Town Center in the back of the Valley Ranch subdivision. I use to live back in Forest Colony and had to watch all those beautiful trees get torn down. Makes me very sad. I've lived here my whole life. This is not the Porter I grew up in. 

Angela --- 10 years ago -

I wonder if that will bring the property value up or down in the New Caney Area? I wish that they would just build an outlet mall like they have in Conroe or even like the one in New Braunsval (sp). I hear that the one up there is so great that people drive up and spend the night just to shop all day the next day. As long as the outlet has name brands like the on in Conroe...I'm good. JMHO 

fabulous --- 10 years ago -

there's already a new target coming in by walmart in Atascocita...I don'tknow if they would put a 3rd one in such a close area. I don't think it is a target. 

suneebunee --- 10 years ago -

I am hearing that the Manager of the new Kingwood Senior Village is telling folks that HEB is building next to that location. Wouldn't that be just too good to be true? 

NoCitySlicker --- 10 years ago -

Where is the Kingwood Senior Village? Is it the one that is up front close to 59? 

love my 3 kids --- 10 years ago -

I would love to have an HEB!!!! 

setta=) --- 10 years ago -

I would prefer Bass pro Shop. There is a new Bass Pro shop out 288 outside of 610 in Houston you don't have to drive all the way to Katy for it. I'm excited for the Gander Mtn...DH loves to shop there and we won't have to go all the way to 45 now. I'm really happy about our Atascocita Target and Kohls too. 

setta=) --- 10 years ago -

Didn't someone say there is supposed to be a Costco going up on WLH and Will Clayton? 

Sue --- 10 years ago -

When he first opened, the guy at Philly Cheesesteak told us a Krogers was going to be built there. 

Going off air --- 10 years ago -

I'd prefer some fancy eating joint 

crrc --- 10 years ago -

Is that true about a Gander Mountain? That would be awesome Another outlet for dh's $$ Now he won't have to drive to Humble or the Woodlands or Conroe ! 

needrnr --- 10 years ago -

That would be great to have a costco that close. I think KU'rs need to write a letter to whole foods and get them to bring one close to us. 

~momof2~ --- 10 years ago -

Yes, i heard Bass Pro Shops and Harley? Who knows? I live in Forest Colony and we are getting a new huge shopping center here in Valley Ranch. It is going to be AWESOME! We will finally have a movie theatre and a Super Target plus banks,movie stores, and our own restaurants. I get so tired of driving to Humble and fighting the crowds. The New Caney/ Porter area is really fixing to grow up. Especially, with the new theme park and water park. Anything to increase our homes' value. -=) 

Fan4LSU27 --- 10 years ago -

bump Anyone heard anything about what is going there for sure?? 

buzzingo --- 10 years ago -

I believe that's being developed by Philippe Cras, the owner of the Homewood Suites. There's some very ambitious plans and it sounds really great. 

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