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I joined this crazy place on 2007-03-04, 7 years ago.

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love red wine love riding my bicycle love long runs love Cancun love working out favorite sport is soccer: I support the United States Mens National Team and loyal Houston Dynamo Fan love pedicures love massages Work Hard, Fly Right ... need I say more do not like two-faced people do not like liars had my fill of fake friends

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Credit Card Info Taken in Kingwood? - 28 days ago

it truly would be helpful to know the name of the establishment. If it is only divulged via PM, please advise. However, it would really be kind to share.

Where were you thirteen years ago on September 11? - 41 days ago

picking a jury for a trial

HEB Redi Clinic - 47 days ago

always had a good experience.

Are you ready to live a life that you love! - 48 days ago

hillarious -- I personally know someone that got kicked out of the seminar ... well not the one you are giving but one held a few weeks ago in Houston. I guess the only PLUS is that he got his $$ ...

Embody -- your experiences? - 93 days ago

I don't go there but I do know they have quite a few very qualified group exercise instructors. If it is convenient, fits your budget, and you think it is something that works for you go for it. I...

Garage door repair - 105 days ago

we just used them. They were great.

Flashing red lights in front of K'wood drive fire station and no emergency - WHY? - 138 days ago

they were doing that at 4:40 am when I headed downtown

Seamstress - 141 days ago

i go to the alterations place in the front of Kingwood where Embody is located. They are reasonable, do a good job and the turnaround is decent. I have used them many times.

Anyone on Water Fasting for several days? - 145 days ago

this is just wrong; wrong on so many levels. A dangerous temporary fix.

hello Ashely at Suddenlink - 145 days ago

Hi Ashley -- I was able to bring the guide up with the link I gave you just now at work. I'll give it a try from home as well. If I have a problem at home maybe it is the browser I was using. I'll...

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