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Weimer w/Pink Collar

who's talking here?

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iwaveatcows --- 5 years ago -

Adorable boy ... he started following me running and I was hoping he'd stop as he was getting too far from where we started. Found him by Gazebo at BBV. He went about a mile or so with me.
Odd thing. As I finished he was waiting for me by my house.
Anyway, he would NOT let me get close to him whatsoever to see if there was a tag -- so start looking in BBV if he is yours. 

TheZooKeeper --- 5 years ago -

You may want to offer some food or a dog treat to get her to come closer. I keep leashes and dog treats in my car because of all the loose dogs I see on the road!

I hope her owner is looking for her! 

Eliza2 --- 5 years ago -


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