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Suddenlink vs Century link

who's talking here?

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pinkbarbie1 --- 7 years ago -

I am so sick of dealing with Suddenlink.
Has anyone ever changed from suddenlink to Centurylink?

Pros/Cons of each? 

Mygirl01 --- 7 years ago -

We had centurylink and hated it so we switched to suddenlink, have had a much better experience with suddenlink! Sorry! 

RW19 --- 7 years ago -

we haven't had any problems with centurylink 

Nicole --- 7 years ago -

we started off with century link found a better deal at suddenlink and after having it for 3 days switched back to century link. it wasnt worth the money we were going to be saving. century link was doing some work for a while and our internet would go in and out but im pretty sure they're done now and we havent had any problems with them other than that 

ilovemykids1030 --- 7 years ago -

We have had good experiences with CenturyLink. Nothing bad to report. When they used to be Embarq, there was nothing but problems. But so far, so good! 

planemom --- 7 years ago -

They both have problems. We switched from Suddenlink to Centurylink and the service is about the same. There are still problems with the internet going out or being extremely slow. Since they are the only choices they don't have to be good. If we want to use the internet we don't have much choice. 

wednesday --- 7 years ago -

We intially had Suddenlink (and were warned by the previous owners-shame on me) and I spent more time on the phone trying the service problems fixed, than I did on my computer! It was always something that was out of their control! Switched to Centurylink about a year ago and have had no problems! 

Warren Peace --- 7 years ago -

I used Centurylink throughout their various name changes for a dozen years. I finally got tired of using the slowest internet service in the Kingwood area.

Fortunately, Suddenlink was able to offer identical services for the same price with an internet speed that has been 10 times faster. I've only had it for a month, but so far I have had no service interruptions and no complaints. If my service does get interrupted periodically, the increased speed will certainly make it a tolerable nuisance. 

John Baker the Third --- 7 years ago -


OH SNAP --- 7 years ago -

I started with Suddenlink and wasn't entirely happy, so I decided to try Centurylink. I had a lot of problems with them at first, but it turned out to be their crappy DNS servers. Now it's running ok, but they want to jack my rate up $20 a month now that my contract is up. Going back to Suddenlink because I can get cable and internet for about $10 more a month than Centurylink wants to charge me just for DSL. 

Lyka --- 7 years ago -

We are with suddenlink and so far we are happy with our service. 

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