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Warren Peace

I joined this crazy place on 2008-08-30, 13 years ago.

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Porter Wagoneer Lives! - 2 years ago

[i]I'm so sorry. I was told it was a moderator. I thought you were the guy here has hundreds of ID's. I apologize profusely. [b]Now I hear he was Warren Peace. That guy did indeed die over a year a...

UPDATE - MIL Rant - 6 years ago

Another version of letting it go is to ask yourself if anything you have to say about the topic is likely to cause her to reassess her role/purpose as grandmother or her priorities in life. If she ...

Capitol shooter was a "prophet of God" - 6 years ago

[i]Raise the min wage or I'll shoot you with my pea shooter!?[/i] So he was a leftist prophet armed with a pellet gun? LOL Such terror we feel. We are all such hypocrites [/sarcasm]

Capitol shooter was a "prophet of God" - 6 years ago

Well kudos to jams for having the courage to ask the really hard questions while fuzzy and judas sit this one out to wrap their heads around the complicated conclusions at the root of this. Here's ...

Capitol shooter was a "prophet of God" - 6 years ago

So do all three of you read the same information about this incident and conclude that this guy is a radicalized Christian that is sincerely using violence to promote Christianity? Not one of you ...

Capitol shooter was a "prophet of God" - 6 years ago

[i]Where is everyone condemning Christians? [/i] Is this a serious question? Because it seems like there's an obvious answer.

Pictures - 6 years ago

Try the corner of High Valley and Hidden Lakes in Kings Point. Yesterday while passing through that intersection, there were cars parked along High Valley. There appeared to be a photographer with mul...

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal - 6 years ago

Is there anyone who has seen and heard Ted Cruz that believes this? Cruz should come out for his next press conference shirtless, wearing only tighty whities and black socks, and twirl around to re...

Worst fart experience - 6 years ago

When I was in high school I tried to show an unbeliever that it was possible to light a fart. I knew it was possible because I had recently discovered this remarkable truth during a sleep-over with a ...

I gotta hand it to Kingwood - 6 years ago

Worst ... handy ... ever.

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