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Anybody got a Netgear router and with Suddenlink?

who's talking here?

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Lyka --- 6 years ago -

I just want to check if am the only having problems with a Netgear router today. No connection if connected to the Netgear router...but direct from modem, I got one. Suddenlink told me Netgear routers got some problems.

I am not sure if this means I need to buy a new router....:( 

ghostpost --- 6 years ago -

no problems with my netgear and suddenlink. 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 6 years ago -

You can rest assured that the problem probably lies with Suddenlink. 

Just4KU --- 6 years ago -

Internet customer reps are taught to blame the router. 

AlphabetSoup --- 6 years ago -

Actually, we were. I had to update the firmware on the router and that seemed to fix whatever the problem was. All of the correct lights were on and everything looked normal but we couldn't access anything. 

Lyka --- 6 years ago -

Thanks for your input...

This puzzles me as well because how can a router (unless broken, which is not) affect my connection...

they offered me for free upgrade on a wireless modem though...

this is just so frustrating...:( 

AlphabetSoup --- 6 years ago -

go to www.http// and check for updates. That may solve the problem. 

Lyka --- 6 years ago -

Hi Robin...can you please give me an idea how to do that? I think I need to try that..thanks a lot... 

Lillabeth --- 6 years ago -

Are the lights in your router at a stand still?

If so just press the reset button on the back. I use a push pin to reset it. If the lights are not going around the circle, then it's the router. 

ghostpost --- 6 years ago -

Well, I am no expert..but if you have a connection when connected directly to the modem, it would make sense to me that the issue is with the router connection.

We recently upgraded to a more powerful router and the difference has been very noticeable. We like to sit outside on the deck and surf the net and needed a stronger connection. 

Mygirl01 --- 6 years ago -

We have netgear and suddenlink, no issues. Our router is only a couple of months old. 

LiveFreeOrDie --- 6 years ago -

Lyka, Is this a wireless router? and if so can you run a network cable directly to the router and get a connection that way?? 

LiveFreeOrDie --- 6 years ago -

If you can get a connection by plugging your computer directly into the back of the router (if your router has ports) then the problem may be in the wireless settings. 

Melanie --- 6 years ago -

no problems with my netgear and suddenlink.


Lyka --- 6 years ago -

I appreciate all your inputs and thank you.

We got the WGR614...and it seems this one got all the problems (googled it)...I can't get a connection for wireless and direct from the router. As for the firmwear is impossible because I don't have connection if I unplugged the Ethernet cable from the modem and put it on the router (which is needed for the firmwear to work)......

Anyways...after having this headache early in the morning...hubby won. We will just get a new router, much better than the one we got now.

I do my work from home and Netflix streaming for my no wireless connection disrupts the household.

Thanks to all who share their thoughts...have a wonderful week..:) 

Roger99 --- 6 years ago -

Called Suddenlink's 800 tech support number tonight and they have a pre-recorded blurb up front about a known issue with Netgear routers. Does not mention which model, just known issue, we are working on it, try power cycling or remove router. 

Photomomof2 --- 6 years ago -

I was also have an outage with just Internet service. Called the 800 number and their automated service said they were having problems with the netgear router. All I did was turn I off and on again and it worked. 

meandmythree --- 6 years ago -

I have a Netgear N600 and it's GREAT! BUT I don't have Suddenlink, sorry you're having problems! 

ghostpost --- 6 years ago -

We got the netgear with gigabit. Very strong signal. We can have several people online at the same time all over the house, outside on the deck or sitting by the pool..all get strong signals and fast download speed. 

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