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Kids Eat Free Every Sunday All Day!!!

who's talking here?

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crmoran --- 10 years ago -

Rico's Kingwood has "Kids Eat Free on Sundays" back. There's no need to ask or do anything in order to get your kids meals comp, as a franchisee Rico's Kingwood is honoring this special as the other Rico's in the woodlands.
Plus We are now offering delivey service. Just 20.00 minimun and 15% delivery fee. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Cheese enchiladas!!! Yay! 

crmoran --- 10 years ago -


crmoran --- 10 years ago -

Rico's Grill Kingwood Is open all day today!!!! 

crmoran --- 10 years ago -

Come and try the new pork fajitas!!!! they are so goooooood!!! 

crmoran --- 10 years ago -


Work in Progress --- 10 years ago -

I'm still mad at you for closing the Atascocita one. I've been having Tacos Matadores withdrawals. . . 

I Kissed Frogs --- 10 years ago -

1) does the rice have corn in it?
2) Do you have the option of fried flour tortillas for chips?

I am allergic to corn so that really limits which Mexican food places I go. Thanks! 

crmoran --- 10 years ago -

@ I Kissed Frogs
There's is not corn in the rice and yes you can get flour chips, we serve them all the time with chile con queso dip :) 

I Kissed Frogs --- 10 years ago -

Awesome! Thanks:) 

SmoochieAndTheBean --- 10 years ago -

What is Rico's? I've never heard of your restaurant, and am kind of new to the area. 

crmoran --- 10 years ago -

Rico's Mexican Grill is a Tex-Mex restaurant located in the front of Kingwood (between Sears & Palais Royal). It has gone through ownership changes over the years but is now back to the original owner and creator Rigo. Come give us a try, or a re-try for those who remember the original. We have Karaoke night every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 10:00pm + happy hour prices all day. 

JessC --- 10 years ago -

Delivery!??! MMMMM might just have to do this for our Wednesday dinner! YUM! 

Bob Ross --- 10 years ago -

Kids also eat for free at grocery stores. 

Zionist NightOwl --- 10 years ago -


crmoran --- 10 years ago -

Rico's Kingwood 

crmoran --- 9 years ago -


crmoran --- 9 years ago -

Rico's Grill Kingwood is on Facebook! 

crmoran --- 9 years ago -

Weekend Brunch served all day!!!
Only at Rico's Grill Kingwood. 

crmoran --- 9 years ago -


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