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*Gov. Chris Christie to lower flags to half-staff to honor Whitney Houston...

who's talking here?

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rEVOLution --- 6 years ago -

... to honor her for WHAT is my question? What did she contribute to our country? Yes it's very sad that she died and I feel for her family but this is taking it a bit far.

If this story is true, it's just disgusting in my opinion. But it's also a sign of how far detached our society has come.

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Flags will be lowered in New Jersey Saturday, the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral. But a Marine mom in Arlington says it’s an honor Houston doesn’t deserve.

When Phyllis McGeath heard Gov. Chris Christie had ordered flags lowered to half-staff for Houston, she said she felt a pain deep inside her.

“I was hurt and offended. Disappointed. Saddened,” she said. “I felt like the honor that was given to my son was tarnished.”

McGeath had three sons who were active duty Marines.

Her oldest, Philip, was killed by a suicide bomber just four weeks ago in Afghanistan. He was 25.

“They killed my son.They took his body away from me,” she said, overcome by emotion.

Arizona, the McGeath’s former home state, lowered their flags in his honor.

“That honor meant a lot to me,” McGeath said.

McGeath says Houston is not deserving of that same honor.

“Nothing against Ms. Houston because she was a beautiful singer and I was a fan for years,” McGeath said.

But, “It was like putting them on the same level. And I know how my son lived. And I know through the media how Ms. Houston lived,” she said.

New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, defended his decision to lower the flags in his state saying he wasn’t honoring Houston as a role model but as “a daughter of New Jersey.”

Christie is a conservative Republican. He’s also a former U.S. Attorney who recently called for mandatory drug treatment for non-violent offenders. But he said Houston’s substance abuse issues shouldn’t negate her achievements. 

LiveFreeOrDie --- 6 years ago -

Wow.. what an insult to the people who that was intended for.. 

Dorothy Parker --- 6 years ago -

It's intended for whomever the Governor sees fit:

Governors of American states are authorized by federal law to make this order at their discretion to honor state officials or residents who have died. Nothing requires that the person honored must be a politician or service member; in fact, Christie approved a similar order when Springsteen band member Clarence Clemons died last June. 

Area51 --- 6 years ago -

I wish they would lower the flags whenever we loose a soldier... 

Are we great again yet --- 6 years ago -

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey may have topped them all when he declared, “People would have been happy to have a referendum on civil rights rather than fighting and dying in the streets in the South.” The Governor’s statement was made in the context of his proposal that the issue of same-sex marriage in New Jersey be settled by a voter referendum. But his words amounted to an insult to generations of men and women who put their lives on the line for equal rights. They also ignore the fact that the sole purpose of any civil rights struggle is to gain rights for minority citizens that the majority has historically and consistently denied.

The nonsense of Christie’s statement was made all the more apparent by the fact that during the heyday of lynchings, poll taxes and “separate but equal schools”, any referendum on voting rights and civil rights for African Americans would have excluded many of the very people seeking those rights. In fact it was only because the majority for centuries had first enslaved and then discriminated against African Americans that it became necessary for people of conscience to organize in protest against such treatment. Christie should remember that in the 18th century, it was not a referendum but a revolution that formed the United States of America. In the 19th century, it was not a referendum, but a civil war that ended slavery and unified our nation. And in the 20th century, it was not a referendum, but a series of non-violent civil rights struggles that defeated Jim Crow and secured voting rights for women, African Americans and other disenfranchised minorities. 

Dr Aborto --- 6 years ago -

Her music touched millions of people. Not saying she's more important than a US soldier. If her home state wants to honor her legacy, let them, having the flag half staffed for one day is a legitimate request.


It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 6 years ago -

I wish they would lower the flags whenever we loose a soldier...

So much more important to do it for a self absorbed crack head. 

Are we great again yet --- 6 years ago -

C'mon now, I think it's a compassionate conservative thang. I'll have to check with others that believe in the myth, like Dubya, Peggy Noonan,and Joe Scarborough. 

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