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Looking for a piano teacher!

who's talking here?

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sunshine --- 7 years ago -

I don't typically post on here, but I'm in a panic bc our piano teacher is retiring and I can't find a new one. I really want someone that is loving, and enjoys teaching piano...and not overly strict. I'm not trying to make my kids pianists - I just want them to learn to play the piano and read music (something I never got to do). If anyone can help, I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!! 

tinman --- 7 years ago -

Said it once..and I'll say it again....


Unbelievable resource for music lessons. As I am sure your previous teacher said, nothing beats practice.

You don't need a teacher for that.

So, find what you are looking for on Youtube, do the lesson with your kids and then practice. If you participate, you'll actually have created an activity that you and your kids can enjoy together...unless they don't enjoy the piano. At that'll be like washing dishes or

Good Luck. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Good idea! Piano is a beautiful instrument!

There are no negatives! 

The Rougarou --- 7 years ago -

Highly recommend Diane Sanders who teaches out of her house in Fosters Mill. She is very warm with the kids and does a great job. I'll see if I can find her contact info. 

GeorgiaPeach --- 7 years ago -

Try the music school on WLH by the post office. 

2~and~done --- 7 years ago -

Diane Sanders is awesome! 

MKgirl --- 7 years ago -

Diane Sanders! 

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