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where's the best place to have diagnostic ultrasound done?

who's talking here?

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mamadog53 --- 4 years ago -

Looks like I might have gallbladder issues so I need an ultrasound. My local doctor has given me a list which includes Northeast Radiology, Kingwood Radiology, Green Oak MRI, Deerbrook Diagnostic and Lonestar Radiology. Does anyone have any personal experience with any of these places? If I need surgery I will be going to the Med Center. What a way to start the year. 

ProudNana --- 4 years ago -

I had surgery recently, & the surgeon wanted an EKG & chest x-ray. He suggested Northeast. I had not met deductible at that point, & they wanted over $800. I declined, feeling it was too pricey. Went to PC doc who did EKG in his office as part of my co-pay. He suggested Deerbrook for the x-ray. They filed on my insurance, & I think it was about $24. So glad I did not pay NE the $800! 

Ava --- 4 years ago -

Houston Medical Imaging on Richmond. Google their website. They even offer a cash price list. You can take the doctor's order to any place to have the test done.
I had an ultrasound done there and just had to pay my copay. 

LAXmom --- 4 years ago -

Green Oak is who Dr Clegg (ENT) uses for his patients. 

mamadog53 --- 4 years ago -

Thanks all. I called Green Oak but they don't do ultrasounds anymore. Finally got an appointment at Deerbrook Diagnostic for tomorrow morning. They read and report to the doctor the same day. I don't want to drag this misery out any longer than necessary. 

SleightOfHand --- 4 years ago -

Why drive all the way to the medical center? There are plenty of places here more than qualified to perform surgery. I had a hernia fixed at Northeast and my grandmother had her gallbladder removed there too. No issues 

mamadog53 --- 4 years ago -

l already have a surgeon in the med center that I've used before. My oncologist is also there in case this turns out to be more than just a bad gallbladder. 

SleightOfHand --- 4 years ago -

Ahh, I'd use the medical center too then. Good luck. Hope it turns out to be something that will go away on its own 

AngieKaye --- 4 years ago -

I like the one near the Outback, dont remember the name since they keep changing it. Know they are affiliated with Northeast. They are nice and didn't double charge me like Kelsey did. 

movedagain --- 4 years ago -

We just used Green Oaks and they were wonderful. The staff was caring and very professional. 

mamadog53 --- 4 years ago -

So I ended up using Deerbrook Diagnostics only they are now called Cleveland Regional Hospital. I met with the surgeon yesterday and the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I will be so glad to get this over with. I'm so tired of chicken broth, jello & toast. On a positive note I've lost 15 lbs. and have a good jumpstart on my new diet. I would kill for a grilled chicken breast and salad at this point. LOL 

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