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Valentine --- 9 years ago -

I searched high and low on this webpage for a good plumber recommendation. Lots of leads to Alpha omega- I used them back when they were good. Last year though we had one of their plumbers steal drugs from our cabinet ( I didn't realize hubs didn't put stuff away).

This time though we called lakeside plumbing. Excellent price, service and honest people. Highly recommended. I will call them again. 

Brooklyn5 --- 9 years ago -

I heard that Alpha Omega was good too & had paid over $200 to fix a leak. The leak was stopped, but couldn't turn on the water. Well, after having them out several times, over the course of a YEAR, I still have no usable water in the kitchen. I don't think AO knows how to fix the problem. They returned the last check for $100, tho' so think I'll call Lakeside. I guess those dishes aren't going to wash themselves!! 

bbraz --- 9 years ago -

Lescon installed a water heater for me. I am happy with the service. 

sdanielmcev --- 9 years ago -

I could come out and take a look at it.
Dan the Handyman 

Jandl --- 1 years ago -

Alpha omega was good. Can't recommend them anymore. 

Jandl --- 1 years ago -


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