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ilovemykids1030 --- 4 years ago -

Does anyone know of VBS's in the area this summer? Looking for stuff for the kiddos! Thanks! 

KingOfSomewhereHot --- 4 years ago -

Get 'em while their young and impressionable! 

ilovemykids1030 --- 4 years ago -

They can be young and impressionable on the couch watching TV or young and impressionable at VBS. lol.. 

bluejay --- 4 years ago -

Quit trying to pawn your kids off for the summer. ;)
2nd is always good. Woodridge Baptist seems to have some great programs too. 

bluejay --- 4 years ago -

oh and as payment for the info, you will need to take my kiddo too 

The Rougarou --- 4 years ago -

We attend Second and our kids have enjoyed their VBS' in the past. With a church as large as Second, they are able to pull from a large talent pool and have a nice budget to put on something the kids enjoy. JMO...

Here is a link: 

ilovemykids1030 --- 4 years ago -

BlueJay, you're nuts. I'm going to pawn the kids off on you instead of VBS. ;)

We've done Second almost every year, but hoping to find something during June. Kids are with their dad in July. 

CB --- 4 years ago -

Christ the King has one in June and I believe Strawbridge does too. 

Keystone --- 4 years ago -

Christ the King is June 9-12 and is in the evening. It includes dinner each night and a parent class for mom and dad to attend. 

KingOfSomewhereHot --- 4 years ago -

ilovemykids1030 ---

They can be young and impressionable on the couch watching TV or young and impressionable at VBS. lol..?

I was thinking more along the lines of taking them somewhere and teaching them HOW to think, rather than telling them WHAT to think. 

reh6110 --- 4 years ago -

First Presbyterian has one the second week in August. The theme this year is Moses. $10/kid $20 max per family. 

ShadowHunter --- 4 years ago -

Doesn't sound like much of a vacation. 

Fresh Meat --- 4 years ago -

Humble Area First Baptist has VBS the week of June 16. 

cheese whiz --- 2 years ago -

Kingwood Bible Church
Vacation Bible Fun
Grades K-5 (entering Fall/2016)
Backstage with the Bible
July 25-29, 2016
Go to to register your child

Grab your backstage pass and your bible and join us for an exciting week of bible study, games, crafts, music, and snacks! We will be learning the books of the bible, the Ten Commandments, and how to be saved by grace through faith. Music and videos by the contemporary christian band for kids, Go Fish! 

kwpeep --- 2 years ago -

Woodridge Baptist Church is having free VBS July 11-14; kids can stay after for (paid) Sports Camp each afternoon after VBS.

Details and Register Here 

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