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Mencius - 5 years ago

We ordered delivery from Mencius last week. Two entrees, rice, friend wonton, two egg rolls and a large soup was $45-$50 including delivery fee, taxes and tip. It fed three adults for two meals. That'...

Kingwood Road Conditions/Harvey - 5 years ago

If I remember correctly the 94 flood was due partly because the dam broke or the release was not controlled properly. When I looked this morning the river was at 54'. In 94 it was at 66'. I know we ar...

KHS sophomores parking - 5 years ago

KHS has let sophomores park in the past but you have to get some type of hardship waiver. Other than that look into car pooling because you are at risk of getting towed if you park anywhere else.

SUDDENLINK is down AGAIN - 5 years ago

They won't refund until you have been out at least 24 straight hours. Even then they try to blame it on an issue in your house, not their signal. I'm not usually home a lot during the day, but was tod...

Do you have a Toyota Highlander?? - 5 years ago

I don't think you'll be able to fit a motorized scooter back there, but it might. The floor is high because the spare and tools are under it. Maybe a minivan? I know their floors are lower.

Do you have a Toyota Highlander?? - 5 years ago

I love my highlander! It's an 08 though so I'm not sure if the hatch size is the same as it is on the newer model.

Fireworks at town center? - 5 years ago

They did move the location. Country club had a perfect view, everyone else got screwed :(

Orange Leaf Yogurt - 5 years ago

And the "Orange" place by HEB is a workout gym.

LimoParty Bus Service??? - 5 years ago

Galveston Limos

Kingwood HS Parking Lottery Application Process - 5 years ago

Juniors need parking too. When I was a junior I had an off campus class every day that I had to provide transportation to. There were kids in the class from several different high schools. We had clas...

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