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Do you have a Toyota Highlander??

who's talking here?

Saturn 1
reh6110 2
stevemdx 1
Gigix4 1
TinktheSprite 6
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Karras 2

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TinktheSprite --- 348 days ago -

What do you think about it? 

TinktheSprite --- 347 days ago -

I really need to know the measurements of the opening in the back hatch back. I can't find it online and I don't feel like getting hounded by sales people. 

the Markster --- 347 days ago -

Get the carfax 

reh6110 --- 346 days ago -

I love my highlander! It's an 08 though so I'm not sure if the hatch size is the same as it is on the newer model. 

Karras --- 346 days ago -

We test drove one a couple of months back. It's ok. 3rd row seating is a joke, and that holds true for all mid sized cross overs.

Be careful, the base LE is a 4 cylinder engine. I can't remember the rear hatch, it wasn't too small. We test drove at Tejas Toyota, the sales guy was nice and didn't try to pressure us. 

TinktheSprite --- 346 days ago -

We are looking to find an affordable vehicle with a large enough opening to fit the wench and a motorized wheelchair inside the vehicle so I don't have to lift it anymore. Plus still have room for us inside. We do take road trips so it would be nice to have room for luggage etc. We don't want to spend any money lowering floors etc./ There are local places that do that. The cost to do that can be upwards of $20K. Toyota will rebate $1000 towards the installation of a mobility device. 

Karras --- 346 days ago -

A highlander won't fit your needs.

Maybe a Chrysler Pacifica 

Gigix4 --- 346 days ago -

IMHO ... if it doesn't say Honda on it, I can't comment. :) 

reh6110 --- 345 days ago -

I don't think you'll be able to fit a motorized scooter back there, but it might. The floor is high because the spare and tools are under it. Maybe a minivan? I know their floors are lower. 

TinktheSprite --- 345 days ago -

It's not a scooter. It is collapsible motorized wheelchair. When folded it is the size of a fat (non-umbrella) stroller about 12" thick with 11" wheels. Only trouble is it is 70lbs. I can lift it now, but later might be another story. It fits standing up into our car, but I have to tilt it into the opening to get it in. No fun. I would rather have a vehicle where it will fit right in without tipping this way and that, or manhandling since I am not a man and I don't want to handle it any more than I already do. P.S. I will avoid a mini van at all cost. I would rather have a full size van than a mini van. That's just me and personal preference. I think we're just going to have to go to dealerships with a tape measure and measure all the openings. Or go to the wench installer and see what car they recommend. Thanks though. 

TinktheSprite --- 345 days ago -

This video give me hope that I am not stuck with a Mini Van. This is very similar to the chair DH uses.


Saturn --- 345 days ago -

That looks like a good match for your needs, Tink. 

stevemdx --- 343 days ago -


TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

Funny. We just were talking about the Honda Pilot today. That and the Mazda CX9. We are loyal customers to Parkway Family KIA/Mazda. Have bought several cars there from Linda over the years. Maybe they could cut us a deal on a Mazda? 

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