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I joined this crazy place on 2016-02-09, 7 years ago.

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Daily Beast Calls Out Houston Leaders - 6 years ago

Also, looks like Mayor Turner is keeping off duty firefighters home to save on overtime. Looks like we have our own Mayor Nagin

Daily Beast Calls Out Houston Leaders - 6 years ago

The Daily Beast, hardly a conservative site, calls out Houston leaders for their lack of foresight and unwillingness to work with Gov. Abbott. I have the feeling Turner and Company pushed back on Abbo...

Humble ISD - 6 years ago

A little extreme to me. I wonder how they will make up the days?: 1. Add the days to the end of the year 2. Add time to each day 3. Eliminate early release/late arrival 4. Eliminate holidays

Mayor Turner's Grade: F - 6 years ago

[i]Actually, I believe you are wrong. Didn't he already order federal help for the areas most affected? However, since you obviously hate the President I guess you need to complain about everything[/i...

Mayor Turner's Grade: F - 6 years ago

[i]It is the people who don't feel they need to listen and follow rules that cause the problems.[/i] B.S. Look a the people that are wading through the floods, most of which are families. I am sure...

Mayor Turner's Grade: F - 6 years ago

[i]Karass is suppose to be all about less gov't, YET he blames our Democratic Mayor for a natural disasters effects on us bc we didn't save everyone?? [/i] That's incorrect. Government does have s...

Mayor Turner's Grade: F - 6 years ago

Turner had the city unprepared for the rains and Houstonians are paying for it (I guess he was too busy watching the Texas lose and or Macgregor lose last night). Not saying to call for an evacuation ...

Failing ESPN removes announcer "Robert Lee" from calling UVA game. LOL - 6 years ago

ESPN is unwatchable. The upcoming NFL season will be more about a gay coach and losers kneeling during the national anthem. Now ESPN is removing Asian American from calling the UVA football game be...

Good speech last night - 6 years ago

Sitting on the sidelines it is easy to be like Rand Paul and want all of our troops home and overseas bases closed down. Yes, the trillions spent, and lives lost on two stupid wars should be questione...

President Trump Approval rating at 38% - 6 years ago

Even after all the hate thrown at Trump last week his approval rating went up from 34 to 38%. Sure leftists are rejoicing at 38%, I guess they forgot he was at 38% on 11/8/16. LMFAO

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