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Good speech last night

who's talking here?

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AMDG --- 5 years ago -

I trash him alot on here - but in fairness I though last nights speech good.

happy to see he had the ability to say his original position was wrong, and he changed his mind.

Would have liked it clearer but glad to hear the parts about joining together.

have no issue with the lack of detail.

the cynic in me is thinking if he can just listen to the professionals around him, and stay on script, and stay off his phone - he is much better 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 5 years ago -

I tend to agree with you. His speech was good.

Most people seem to want to make him to fit the traditional mold of POTUS. Lets not loose sight of the fact that he ran on and was elected because he is NOT a politician. 

Karras --- 5 years ago -

Sitting on the sidelines it is easy to be like Rand Paul and want all of our troops home and overseas bases closed down. Yes, the trillions spent, and lives lost on two stupid wars should be questioned.

The president did a good job differentiating his strategy from W and Obama: no time lines given, no # of troops given, calling out Pakistan, not nation building, troops can now take the gloves off. 

Jepperd --- 5 years ago -

I agree. Hopeful he is on a better track now. I feel like a lot of this is Kelly. Bannon gone is great as well. 

Dorothy Parker --- 5 years ago -

Let's see how his speech goes tonight. 

jackass --- 5 years ago -

Lets not loose sight of the fact that he ran on and was elected because he is NOT a politician.?

He also ran on getting us out of Afghanistan... 

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