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Fireworks at town center?

who's talking here?

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JDaddy 3
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JCass --- 3 years ago -

They normally start at 9:00 but nothing so far. Anybody heard anything? 

JDaddy --- 3 years ago -

Here I sit all broken hearted. Came to see fireworks and someone only farted. 

JDaddy --- 3 years ago -

This is awful. They placed them where no one can see!!!!!!! 

KtownGrown --- 3 years ago -

I thought they did them another night. I was wrong, it seems. 

JDaddy --- 3 years ago -

They did them tonight from the golf course and NO one could see them. Biggest Fourth of July disappointment in my Kingwood history. Just a terrible screw up or terrible interference by someone. Thousands of disappointed kids are leaving after seeing nothing. You could hear them but couldn't see ANYTHING!!! 

reh6110 --- 3 years ago -

They did move the location. Country club had a perfect view, everyone else got screwed :( 

Lettsu --- 3 years ago -

I saw and ambulance and for awhile you could see fireworks at the country club from the second story above New York Pizzeria. It's really disappointing the didn't do them though. Like I said about 20 minutes before 9 a fire truck and a ambulance drove down towards where they are usually set off. 

SineadORebellion --- 3 years ago -

And this is why I started a thread a few days ago. I had a bad feeling this would happen. We were at the high school and saw them but they were super low! In feel really bad about all the people at town center!!! 

a3037020uu --- 3 years ago -

... moved to the 18th green fairway to accommodate the Country Club who contributed to the cost for the first time.

I'm thinking that we should all let our City Councilman, Dave Martin know about this:

If he isn't responsible, he should be accountable. My nephew was crying because he didn't see any fireworks. I guess the members of the Country Club had a great view. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 3 years ago -

Let's NOT jump to conclusions here please. I seriously doubt this was done to somehow improve the view of people who are right there anyway. 

TinktheSprite --- 3 years ago -

Tonyaust said the firing site was moved to the 18th hole specifically because KWCC sponsored the 4th of July gig this year. They paid for favors! Typical small town favoritism. Stinks, imo. 

whatchamacallit --- 3 years ago -


Why do we need the CC to pay for the fireworks? 

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