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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-27, 5 years ago.

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Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior.

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Another day, another terrorist attack! - 6 hours ago

At least 19 dead, 50+ injured. 😯 Nail bomb in a backpack, reportedly.

Pure Barre is coming to Kingwood! - 1 days ago

I'm very interested! Looking forward to it!

Sanke Hairdressers - 12 days ago

Awesome salon! Lisa rocks!

Old Sears is Gone - 39 days ago

God, right @DP!

Old Sears is Gone - 39 days ago

My in laws, who are retired and on a very fixed income, shop at Aldi all the time. Every bit counts for some. Not everyone in Kingwood is rich.

Power out in Greentree - 41 days ago

Probably the 50 mph wind gusts we had a bit ago. Crazy storms!

Sunkureddi Molecular Testing - 85 days ago

Careful with that Dr. That's all I'm saying.

The one... the only... JustWatching72???????? - 93 days ago

Awww it's like the old days! Hello JW! ☺

NAME CHANGE: *SouperBowl51* is now *HotandSourSoup* - 98 days ago

[i] He did help Lena Dunham lose weight...?[/i] You, sir, have the best screen name. 😎

Alspaugh employees giving out traffic tickets - 104 days ago

I'm really curious to see if Alspaugh is indeed involved. I'd love to hear their take on this. They are so community involved and such. Because honestly, if they are, it's total BS.

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