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Recommendations for an OBGYN

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Tulip11 --- 4 years ago -

Hi! I'm new to this area and I'm looking for an obgyn. My husband and I are planning to add to our family in a couple of months, so along with the doctor recommendations I would also appreciate some recommendations for a hospital for labor and delivery. My preference are female doctors and I'm hoping to find one near Kingwood Dr and I59 since my daughter's daycare is in that vicinity. Thank you in advance for your input! 

Homeschool mom --- 4 years ago -

Dr. Brenda Uribe-Torres at Care For Women. 

AngieKaye --- 4 years ago -

Dr Julie Bernell! Best in the biz!!!

Northeast OB/GYN Associates

Northeast OB/GYN Associates
19701 Kingwood Dr Suite Bldg #5
Kingwood, TX 77339

link title 

Beagle Bomb --- 4 years ago -

Dr Jennifer Breazeale at Kelsey - Seybold clinic . Love her! 

Beagle Bomb --- 4 years ago -

Dr Jennifer Breazeale at Kelsey - Seybold clinic . Love her! 

Humbletexan1 --- 4 years ago -

Julie Bernell is wonderful! She has a PA in her office by the name of Jessica Monk who is also wonderful. I vote Julie! 

Sharticus --- 4 years ago -

Kaanya Hearanecho, MD. It's hard to get an appointment though because she's always up to her elbows in work. 

Sharticus --- 4 years ago -

BTW, awesome name OP. But to be anatomically correct, you should go by fourlip11. 

queenofclean --- 4 years ago -

Tiffany Morgan with Texas women's, I used care for women for 11 years and the last two I felt rushed and not taken care of so I changed and I am very glad I did. She us wonderful 

moltobella --- 4 years ago -

Dr. Brenda Uribe-Torres at Care For Women.?

I highly recommend staying away from her if you want someone to take the time to talk and answer questions. I switched from her to WHA-OBGYN in the woodlands. I see Dr Behne (pronounced bay-knee) but you probably wont go wrong if you choose a different doctor at that office.

(281) 367-6836 

AngieKaye --- 4 years ago -

Bernell has one of the best bedsides I have ever seen in a dr. She is one of the top in the field of this area as well. Has received many awards. Plus her ratings are top if you click that link.

She has midwives and pa's working for her as well that are awesome! She's the type of dr that wont give up til she finds answers of what is wrong 

Trisha --- 4 years ago -

I say Dr. Bernell, too!!!! 

planemom --- 4 years ago -

Another vote for Dr. Bernell. 

Tulip11 --- 4 years ago -

Thanks! I did some research online for Dr. Bernell and she does have really great reviews! Thanks for the recommendation! 

Markster --- 4 years ago -

OBGYN Thats what I wanted to be as a kid. Things have changed. ;] 

TonyaLopez --- 4 years ago -

Dr Jennifer Browning is awesome and she is now locared there at Kingwood Hospital. . Let me know if u need her number.. 

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