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Found Elderly Boxer

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a4924810uu --- 7 years ago -

Found a sweet girl walking down West Lake Houston headed towards 1960, near Upper Lake. Just across from Life Time. If anyone is looking, please let me know.

(832) 794 1079 

njjk --- 7 years ago -

There's a sign for 2 lost female boxers I believe, on Kings Pkwy. It's on one of the stop sign's between 1960 and W. Lk. Hstn. Pkwy.
Good luck:) 

a4924810uu --- 7 years ago -


YES! I went to put up flyers, walked up to that post and saw the sign. Called them up and they were there in minutes to get her. She is home now. 

Four Pinocchios --- 7 years ago -

:) Good work a4924810uu 

Kayry --- 7 years ago -

Awesome news! 

Wicked --- 7 years ago -

I absolutely LOVE boxers!! 

BoxerMama --- 7 years ago -

Do you know if they found the other one? 

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