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i need a refrigerator 68 high 33 and half wide or less.

who's talking here?

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a2950954uu --- 4 years ago -

plz text pic n price

Jeff --- 4 years ago -

Ask Perfection... 

satsuma --- 4 years ago -

drive over to sears scratch and dent tomorrow morning. its on 45 near the woodlands. you'll get a really great deal, and they back up the warranty. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 4 years ago -

what a great suggestion! 

satsuma --- 4 years ago -

We got ours there for 40% off just because of a few dings.

(we have a preschooler and a toddler, everything has dings and scrapes) 

path --- 4 years ago -

Good Luck!! They do make 33 inch wide ones but they are more expensive. You may have to buy a counter depth one. I had to purchase a refrigerator this weekend and it was worse than shopping for a car!! 

BlueMoon --- 4 years ago -

Have you tried Built-in Appliance in Kingwood? (On Northpark) Rob is awesome!Local family/businessman, friendly service and competitively priced. Rob always finds exactly what I need. If he doesn't have it in his shop, he will order it for you and you'll get it within a few days to a week. I've stopped going to H.D., etc... because it takes FOREVER to get your appliances in. 

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