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I joined this crazy place on 2006-12-13, 11 years ago.

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Stay at home mom that volunteers for KHS band, Scouts. Takes care of family, dogs and runs errands for all family members. Loves to read, do crosswords and stamp collect when there is time. Hoping to take up scrapbooking and return to crosstitching someday.

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"Need to weed the yard" violation letter from Deed Restriction Committee - 118 days ago

One time I actually caught them writing up a violation for weeds in my yard and I approached them and told them to show me exactly where the problem was. Of course, they would not tell you so how can...

Recommendations Please!! - 118 days ago

Two things...does anyone personally know a direct tv installer? Have a few questions... Secondly..does anyone know of a contactor that deals specifically with concrete slabs/pads/patios? We have so...

Town center? - 126 days ago

What the heck is a fireworks testing? Why would someone do that??

Town center? - 126 days ago

A Question About Fireworks - 235 days ago

Tonight at the Harbor, did anyone notice the firework show that were shooting off to left side of the Harbor? They were big and could not be missed. Please enlighten so that maybe next year I can at...

Pop Can Tabs - 319 days ago

I found a jug of these little tabs in my garage when cleaning out for our neighborhood sale this past weekend. Does anyone in the area still collect this little things for charity? I found some out ...

Can You Please Share Your Experiences? - 1 years ago

My 4yr pup dog has been on slow kill for heartworms for at least 2 years now. He is still positive for HW and the vet wants to do the 3 injection treatment to rid him once and for all of the worms. ...

Computer Hardware for the Taking - 1 years ago

I have a pile of old computer hardware I am looking to get rid of. I dont know if it is working order or not. Is there someone that collects this stuff for parts? Can someone point me in the right d...

Sod Web Worms - Annhilated! - 1 years ago

It is really hard to get rid of the moths when your neighbors have them and don't treat their yard. They just migrate over once the neighbor's yards are destroyed :(

Anyone know of a local Investment Club/Group. - 1 years ago

It isn't quite local but Houston has one that meets monthly at UH on Saturdays. They have a guest speaker, a short business meeting and then you can attend SIG's depending on your interests. htt...

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