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I joined this crazy place on 2006-12-13, 8 years ago.

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Stay at home mom that volunteers for KHS band, Scouts. Takes care of family, dogs and runs errands for all family members. Loves to read, do crosswords and stamp collect when there is time. Hoping to take up scrapbooking and return to crosstitching someday.

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shop in go northpark - 136 days ago

So sad.....Prayers for you Andrew and to your best friend's family

shop in go northpark - 136 days ago

And yes, prayers for all involved!

shop in go northpark - 136 days ago

WOW guess i am just not observant..i even walked my dog along there and in front of strip on brain must have only focused on the flashing lights..i saw a cop car by pet store, one by stop...

shop in go northpark - 136 days ago

I guess I was oblivious to the suv..just where was it parked?

shop in go northpark - 136 days ago

I just walked down there and only saw cops and suv. Guess the investigation was over?

Housing for Tx State- San Marcos - 209 days ago

My daughter lived at The Ridge and The Exchange 2 This was back in 2007-2010 She was pleased with them and the type of people that lived there at the time

i need a refrigerator 68 high 33 and half wide or less. - 1 years ago

Good Luck!! They do make 33 inch wide ones but they are more expensive. You may have to buy a counter depth one. I had to purchase a refrigerator this weekend and it was worse than shopping for a ca...

Accident on Northpark/Rollover - 1 years ago

There is an accident heading west at Northpark at 494. May be backed up for awhile. Avoid if possible.

Need a New Refrig ASAP!! - 1 years ago

Any reccommendations for brands and types of refrigs to buy??? It has to be quiet and the ice maker needs to work pretty efficiently. I have been looking at French Door models. Dont know if I want ...

Who Do I Call??? - 1 years ago

I have some eave soffet vents that the squirrels have chewed up and put holes in big enough for them to access the attic. With cooler weather coming, eventually, I do not want ANY animals residing a...

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