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A Question About Fireworks

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path --- 3 years ago -

Tonight at the Harbor, did anyone notice the firework show that were shooting off to left side of the Harbor? They were big and could not be missed. Please enlighten so that maybe next year I can attend those. 

andreweggplant --- 3 years ago -

It was advertised in a number of places. They had live music and a fireworks show. Last year it was on the 4th and competed with the Town Center event so I think this is why it was moved to July 1st this year. 

Sideboom --- 3 years ago -

Looks like I'll be watching them instead of towncenters fireworks. Oh wait couldn't see them this year. 

a3037020uu --- 3 years ago -

... moved to the 18th green fairway to accommodate the Country Club who contributed to the cost for the first time.

I'm thinking that we should all let our City Councilman, Dave Martin know about this:

If he isn't responsible, he should be accountable. My nephew was crying because he didn't see any fireworks. I guess the members of the Country Club had a great view. 

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