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"Need to weed the yard" violation letter from Deed Restriction Committee

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UpFrontKW --- 335 days ago -

I received a 2nd letter from the Community Association Deed Restriction Committee indicating I "Need to weed the yard", that I am violating protective covenants and may be assessed $200/day for each day of violation. I didn't observe any issue with my yard so I disregarded the 1st letter. When I received the 2nd letter, I went to the web site referenced in the letter. I could not find anything referencing deed restrictions or protective covenants on their web site. I called the # referenced in the letter. The person I spoke with said "Need to weed the yard" usually is a reference to clover growing in the grass. Huh? She made a note that I called. I called a 2nd time after I could not find specific information on the web site about what constitutes proper lawn maintenance. The person I spoke to said there's something vague in the guidelines, got onto the web site and also could not find the CC&R information. She said she'd track it down and email it to me. After not hearing back, I called a 3rd time and spoke with someone different. I said my issue was that they're threatening civil damages of $200/day and yet I cannot find any information as to what it is I'm apparently violating. I finally received an email with said covenant which states in Section 18 Landscape Maintenance: "All landscaping of every kind and character on any Lot, including shrubs, trees, grass, and other plantings, shall be neatly trimmed, properly cultivated and maintained continuously by the Owner in a neat and orderly condition and in a manner to enhance its appearance."

That sounds vague to me and also a matter of opinion. It's quite frustrating when I'm being held to some standard when I have no clue what that standard is. I take great pride in my yard and the curb appeal of my property. However, when I receive letters like this with no specificity as to what the issue is, it makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and say f* it. I suggested that the deed restriction Nazis take pictures of the violation to include in the letter so the homeowner can have some possibility of success to address the perceived issue.

I'm curious as to what others' experience is. 

witchywoman --- 335 days ago -

Two sides to every story. 

UpFrontKW --- 335 days ago -

Witchywoman, are you being facetious or just being witchy? I don't see a "Governing Documents" tab. Do you have to login to the site to see what you are seeing? 

Tulips --- 335 days ago -

Lol. What neighborhood do you live in? Please tell me this is a joke.. That sounds outrageous.

On NextDoor..Someone told me they received a letter from HOA, bc their "cat wasn't on a leash." Lol.

My husband just spray painted two wooden swing seats, in our front yard, for our babies.. I hope HOA doesn't send us a letter, bc of two small pink and green paint spots in our grass haha. 

UpFrontKW --- 335 days ago -

Hey witchywoman, looks like you deleted your first post that said something to the effect "Are you blind? They are under governing documents." For one, I am not blind.
Did you delete your comment after I pointed out the documents are not there? Interesting. And by the way, one of my siblings is blind, so, on her behalf, I take offense to your "are you blind?" sarcastic comment that you deleted during a lapse in your witchiness. And I agree there are 2 sides to every story. I'm more than happy to hear and welcome their side of the story but it's currently all vague and nebulous. Why don't you put a bug in their ear since it sounds like you have connections there. 

Tulips --- 335 days ago -


Are we great again yet --- 335 days ago -

Calling them Nazis weakens your statement. 

UpFrontKW --- 335 days ago -

Calling them Nazis weakens your statement.?
I agree, AWGAY. I let my frustration get the better of me. I'm trying to edit my original post but interestingly that one statement doesn't appear in the edit box. 

Eliza2 --- 335 days ago -

Take a picture of your yard and go up to the HOA office and ask them to be specific and point out the problem. We got letters about our garage door over and over so we took pictures and went to office-come to find out they had the wrong address-it was our neighbors door that was really faded. 

*LOL* --- 335 days ago -

Post a picture here and we'll let you know. 

Susan --- 334 days ago -

We have received numerous letters these past 25 years for trash cans, my grandsons bicycle, mulch bags not emptied in timely manner, leaves and pine needles on the roof, the list goes on!!! Typically when the ?inspector? drives through your neighborhood they take a photo of the concern.....
You do the same and go to their office and question them OR let them know you are addressing their many of these ?charges? fall into a file all on their own!!!! 

andreweggplant --- 334 days ago -

Yet there are two very large piles of dead tree sitting in a yard on Park Garden...they have been there for over two months. It is not Harvey debris, it is an ugly eyesore.... 

Tulips --- 334 days ago -

Yesterday around this time.. I saw a dark purplish looking suv (wish I would've gotten a better look and the license plate number) sitting in front of our home, with the windows rolled down.. A lady with long blonde (dyed) hair and glasses was in the passenger seat staring down our driveway, and looking at our yard, for about a minute or so.. A man was driving. I'm assuming this was HOA? We just moved to Mills Branch Village.. I feel like HOA is on our case every day, bc they know we have a Mini Horse, and bc they tried and can't make us get rid of him bc legally they can't since we have papers on him :) Now HOA is trying to stop our birthday party business with our mini horse. You know how many kingwood people have in home businesses? Our trash cans were full, and I had one trash bag on the cement near our garage, and also my son's power wheel. My jogging stroller was in the front. Now I'm waiting to see if we get a letter. I keep our yard clean.. I keep the leaves and pine needles raked up. I'm going to take a pic of these creeps, and post it on here, or on NextDoor if I see them again, to see if anyone knows who they are and what they're doing. 

Tulips --- 333 days ago -

I just posted this on NextDoor and someone said that they saw the same vehicle and another car and that it's HOA. Also that a lady walked on their property and another to their back yard. Wow. Isn't it illegal for HOA to walk on your property? 

UpFrontKW --- 333 days ago -

Also that a lady walked on their property and another to their back yard.
In the document that HOA sent me (that isn't yet posted on their website by the way), it states the following:
"Section 19. Right of Inspection. During reasonable hours and after reasonable notice, the Association shall have the right to enter upon and inspect each Lot and the improvements on it for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the provisions of this Declaration are being complied with and shall not be deemed guilty by reason of this inspection."
So they have to give the homeowner notice that they will come on to your property. Otherwise they should be held accountable - one way or another. The unnecessary flooding from Harvey and the SJRA have done enough to push good people and businesses out of KW. We don't need the HOA making other good people feel like they don't want to stay. 

path --- 333 days ago -

One time I actually caught them writing up a violation for weeds in my yard and I approached them and told them to show me exactly where the problem was. Of course, they would not tell you so how can you fix the problem area if you don't know where it is???? HOA needs to concentrate on the more serious violations. Unless the deed restrictions say you cannot have weeds in the yard as long as the yard is cut and maintained you are good to go!! We complained told them we didn't appreciate being hassled and that it needed to stop. 

Tulips --- 333 days ago -

Thank you UpFrontKW.

HOA needs to concentrate on the more serious violations.

I agree. 

AlphabetSoup --- 333 days ago -

On NextDoor..Someone told me they received a letter from HOA, bc their "cat wasn't on a leash." Lol.

There is actually a leash law that says even cats have to be in a leash if they are outside. 

Tulips --- 333 days ago -

What about Mini Horses? :) ;) 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 333 days ago -

There is actually a leash law that says even cats have to be in a leash if they are outside.?

yep and yet cat owners let them run free and are then upset when the cat goes missing 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 333 days ago -


SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 333 days ago -


Kwood13 --- 332 days ago -

Tulips.... why are you using your service animal to make money? I thought your mini horse was a therapy horse??? 

Tulips --- 332 days ago -

Why are people so judgmental and nosey? When we first bought our horse we weren't planning on him being a therapy horse..We were actually in the process of moving to Montana, but the job was put on freeze and since a bunch of nosey mean people called the cops on us over a mini horse who is the size of a great dane.. My husband, who works for HFD, decided that since he has PTSD, he can register Muffin as a therapy horse. All he needed was a Dr's note from a Psychologist. My husband has flashbacks of suicide patients sometimes etc. We are planning on dressing Muffin up and taking him to hospitals to make people smile. I was encouraged by a nice lady that I met, who is from California, who used to do pony parties, and told me it would be fun and make good money. Her husband is also a fire fighter. In no way was I thinking "oh great I can use my therapy horse as a way to scam people into making lots of money." So please quit judging me. He is registered as a therapy horse and nobody can take him away now :) and I can do what I want with him. You don't have to schedule a birthday party.. But I know plenty of people who want to already bc they aren't busy judging me. Have fun being up tight and judgemental. :) 

Tulips --- 332 days ago -

He's also good therapy for me :) I'm going to go pet and walk my horse now.. 

Tulips --- 332 days ago -

He's also good therapy for me :) I'm going to go pet and walk my horse now.. 

Kwood13 --- 332 days ago -

You need therapy 

Tulips --- 332 days ago -

Well good thing I have a therapy horse :) Helps me keep my crazy under control ;) twitch twitch. 

Gigix4 --- 332 days ago -

Helps me keep my crazy under control

Ashley, I think it is going to take more than a mini-horse to "keep you crazy under control". But good luck with that. 

Tulips --- 332 days ago -

Running helps too :) I may need to cut back on the coffee though. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 332 days ago -


mutton --- 332 days ago -

If horses poo does not smell over me fence and are quieter than a yappity mini mutt may not be so 

Tulips --- 331 days ago -

Exactly. :) 

Tulips --- 331 days ago -

Issues-Julia Michaels-Looped Violin Cover 

Tulips --- 331 days ago -

Echosmith Cover-Issues by Julia Michaels  

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