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Opinions on preschools in Kingwood area - 113 days ago

My 5th grandchild is enjoying her pre school days at Good Shepherd in Kingwood. All 5 children have attended the school and have been well prepared for public school!! Highly recommended

Anyone here have any sort of experience with Dr. Woehst, in Kingwood? - 113 days ago

Both of my daughters had Orthodontic work Years ago. We had Dr Kimbrough with the first, Dr Woest with the second. Both girls had fabulous Results and years later have not had a problem. We found ...

help find a home for momma cat and babies - 158 days ago

How old do you guess babies to be? Any photos?? Thanks

Taylor Swift - Minute Maid - 160 days ago

Hi, don't tickets go on sale tomorrow for the October 13, 2015 show?? Lucky you were able to get them early!!!

Best Senior Living Facility in Kingwood - 162 days ago

We pay 3700.00 per month to Brookdale. A studio apt, 3 meals daily, giving meds, laundry and housekeeping Cable, bathing, medication is seperate from all else

REWARD: Vandalized Christmas Decorations! - 162 days ago

This is absolutely Disgusting behavior on the part of these kids!!!! Where do they learn to do these things?? What are they doing out at that time of night?? Where are their parents?? I just can't wra...

Best Senior Living Facility in Kingwood - 162 days ago

I'll try to keep this brief but hopefully my comments might help. There are many Senior Care Residences like the one you mentioned in Florida which are turning to the "Buy In" and with that you have...

Birthday Party Help!!! - 263 days ago

A new Art Studio just opened in Kingwood called the Painted Elephant. We are having a 10 year old Art party there. All supplies provided, you choose your project, you can decorate and bring in food......

Plant Store! - 267 days ago

Fabulous Plant and Garden Center!!! Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable!!!! Been going there for years and am always pleasantly surprised with his selections!!!

Low-Flying prop-engine plane - 275 days ago

Flying over Bear Branch!!!

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