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"Oops" weeds letter from KW home owners assn

who's talking here?

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UpFrontKW --- 2 years ago -

I received a letter from the KW HOA on yellow paper stock stating "Oops! Your yard has weeds and needs to be weeded." Seriously?! I use a lawn service once a week. There are no weeds in my yard. I will call them and ask them to come to my house and show me these oops weeds. Is this a way to help justify the annual HOA fees? Does anyone else receive harassment letters from HOA? 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 2 years ago -

Weeds bother them, 6 car garage add ons don't, LOL 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

Good. Ask them to come by and point out what they want you to change. The volunteers police the neighborhood quickly and often get the addresses wrong. If they send out a letter in error, they need to prove to YOU what needs to be done. 

Rubicon --- 2 years ago -

I've gotten a letter before on my rental house in the area. I contested it and they showed me a close up photo of the fence in question. I asked them how in the world they knew which house the photo was for and then I drove out to the house to take a look. It was for the neighbors house. I wasn't pleased that they had wasted my time! 

Susan --- 2 years ago -

We've had several "oops" letters sent for trimming reminders, bags of mulch left out for landscaping service, a trash can in view. We live in a culdesac with very little traffic other than UPS or trash pickup yet the service assoc finds things that may affect my Bear Branch neighborhood. Every now and then I call and ask for specifics, have requested someone come show me what is in disarray. Needless to say they are not allowed to visit, you are encouraged to attend monthly meeting, request to be put on docket and addressed at a later date. My 0OOPS letters if received will now go in the trash!!!! 

Susan --- 2 years ago -


Gigix4 --- 2 years ago -

I recently got one their "Oooops" letters for a metal pipe on the outside of my house that had not been approved! Well, I can't tell you how fast that "Oooops" letter was returned with some not so nice comments since it was at my neighbor's house.
The letter back to them started out nicely with "Well, the "Oooops" is on you since you got the wrong house"! It went downhill after that! 

TinktheSprite --- 2 years ago -

Do they really call them an OOPS letter? 

Gigix4 --- 2 years ago -

Do they really call them an OOPS letter?

Yup! They actually do. 

Zapper009 --- 2 years ago -

They are the original OOOOOOPS 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 2 years ago -

Don't mess with Gigi! 

StopItNow --- 2 years ago -

Need to find out where all the HOA peeps live and everyone keep an eye on their properties so they can be sent an "Ooops" letter on any of their infractions. 

Birder --- 2 years ago -

This is a start. 

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