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Bear Branch Theft

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Susan --- 10 days ago -

Early June I had major surgery that has left my leg casted for several months. Looking for easy access to get down the curb either by wheelchair or on crutches we placed boards in front of our walkway at the curb. Today for the THIRD time the boards disappeared!!! So thank you to the inconsiderate individual or individuals who found it necessary to steal rather than purchase your own, so ridiculously unnecessary!!!!! 

Are we great again yet --- 10 days ago -

They make great skateboarding ramps
Easy to carry off 

andreweggplant --- 10 days ago -

Maybe the trash people are taking them if they are on the curb 

DVaz --- 10 days ago -

They make great skateboarding ramps
Easy to carry off

That would be my guess. 

Susan --- 10 days ago -

Hmmm skateboarders possibly coming off green belt since I'm last home in culdesac......the boards are butt up to the curb at end of walkway.....just a shame whomever can't provide their own!!!!! 

JustWatching --- 10 days ago -

Why don't you only put them out when you need them and then put them up? 

SueRDH --- 10 days ago -

My first thought was the garbage man took them thinking they were trash. 

Edgar Po Wong --- 10 days ago -

First thing I'd do is check ebay and the local pawn shops. Probably punk kids looking for some quick cash for fidget spinners and moon pies. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 9 days ago -

Pawn shops give cash for a couple of old 2x4's? 

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