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Auto Upholstery

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mrsb1227 --- 9 years ago -

Hello all,

I am wanting to get pricing on getting leather put in my truck, the cloth just looks terrible. Does anyone have any recommendations? 

Not KU --- 9 years ago -

Pasadena....If you cant find anyone in Pasadena to upholster your truck then you're not in Pasadena. Any where near the town square mall. 

* --- 9 years ago -

Telephone road off of the loop. go outside the loop after about a mile there is about 20 Mixican shops. Most do very good work, be prepared to negotiate. I usually get 60 percent of their first offer. If you are white/gringo they automatically give a higher price. 

bren4rmoh --- 9 years ago -

Marios upholstery
you will not find better quality anywhere nor will you be abke to beat the price!
23014 e martin dr 

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