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marthas basement --- 6 years ago -

If lovin you is wrong Gingerbread Man, I don't want to be right.

During the holiday of peace and love, why not let your loved ones take a piece of this lovin?

Christmas is the season to know who's been naughty and who's been nice. If you've been nice, you're probably lying or such a bore that no one wants to spend Christmas with you anyway. Some gifts are for the naughty and what better place to be naughty, than the office break room for a generous communal plate of these bad boys and girls?

You've always known that kneading your dough can happen anywhere, but who knew your oven could be such a hot and steamy sex dungeon? Just be careful when you let them rest on your fine rack - though it is the best place to squirt the icing.

kama sutra cookie cutters


Are we great again yet --- 6 years ago -

what's that white stuff 

RonSwanson --- 6 years ago -


mutton --- 6 years ago -


mutton --- 6 years ago -

Oh crap, basement lady... 

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