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Any suggestions for lawn care services?

who's talking here?

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Gigix4 --- 3 years ago -

If I were you, I would at least give B&M landscaping a try. They post on here. I've never used them so I can't vouch for them, It's DIY around here.

Other than that, I think there is a lawn service by Veterans that I would definitely consider - never hurts to give veterans a chance. 

Its Mygirl01 --- 3 years ago -

B&M is fantastic! We've used them several times with no complaints! 

birdfeeder --- 3 years ago -

We use Disabled Veterans Landscaping. They do a great job and are reasonably priced. Highly recommend. Here is the website 

CB --- 3 years ago -

Thank You 

FANCY PANTS --- 3 years ago -

Melton Lawn Care Service is great. They pay great attention to detail. Their pricing is very good.

Melton Lawn Care mostly serves Humble, Kingwood and Huffman, Fast, reliable, quality service.

Text or Call.


a4947438uu --- 3 years ago -

Ben Martinez - BM is the way to go. 

marybees --- 3 years ago -

I started using BM landscaping 3 weeks ago. They are doing a great job with my lawn and I had them trim my shrubs back this past week. They do good work. 

Ashley28 --- 3 years ago -

B&M did great landscaping around our pool:) We can't afford them all the time, so I will just ask my brother to cut the grass, since he ate all our food this week lol 

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