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I joined this crazy place on 2008-06-11, 9 years ago.


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Missing Maine Coon Cat ~ Please help - 72 days ago


President Trump: Excerpts from his magnificent Speech in Poland - 74 days ago

Trump is doing great!

Kingwood Fireworks Debacle made the Chron - 75 days ago

[i]The contract was between them but Town Center Park was left out of the decision making on who the target audience was??? WTF Sounds like KWCC was demanding and overstepped their bounds for their me...

Town Center Fireworks question!!!! - 75 days ago

[i]KWCC didn't steal, they paid $8,000 , which means members' dues went toward that [/i] KWCC only paid half of the cost. The other half was paid by town center vendors who thought the people at t...

Kingwood Fireworks Debacle made the Chron - 76 days ago

[i]Was Mr. Austin stupid enough to sign a 5 or 10 year contract with the CC?? Stupid or crazy like a fox? $$$$$$?[/i] Money does talk!

Kingwood Fireworks Debacle made the Chron - 76 days ago

[i]Tony Austins[/i] I think Tony Austin should resign his position. He did a very poor job for the people of Kingwood. I also wonder if it is written in stone that the CC will forever be in charg...

Kingwood Fireworks Debacle made the Chron - 76 days ago

[b]The Clubs of Kingwood agreed to split the cost of the $16,000 fireworks display with Town Center Park this year. As a result, the site was moved closer to the Clubs of Kingwood, which also hosts Fo...

Town Center Fireworks - 77 days ago

[i]I have no clue if this is correct, but even at the CC they seemed very low. Wondering if is more to do with the display than the new location. [/i] That's the point. For the CC it did not hav...

Comey Source of Leaks - 103 days ago

[i]Will they press charges against him now?[/i] I sure hope they press charges. He has screwed himself. Comey's a whiny little baby. Trying to get Trump in trouble for firing him. Now, Comey, h...

CNN fires Kathy Griffin over PRESIDENT TRUMP MASK - 112 days ago

[i]Anderson Pooper[/i] [b]Whaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!![/b] It would be a blessing to get rid of him.

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