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So, you are on the HOVToll Road, when a line of cars creeps up on you obviously going faster than you, do you:

Speed up "Lets keep this traffic flowing!" Vote
 33.3% (1)
Stay the same speed "I was here first!" Vote
 33.3% (1)
Purposely slow down, "Cuz I am an arse" Vote
 0.0% (0)
What cares? "I'm the only one that matters" Vote
 33.3% (1)
What cars? "I'm the only one on the road." Vote
 0.0% (0)
TinktheSprite --- 348 days ago -

So, you are on the HOVToll Road, when a line of cars creeps up on you obviously going faster than you, do you: 

whatchamacallit --- 347 days ago -

If you are already going the speed limit, either speed up a little or just ignore the dumbasses breathing down your neck. You should never drive faster than you are comfortable driving, especially if you are already going the speed limit. Do you think those pushy people behind you are gonna care if you have a wreck while trying to satisfy their need to speed? Why is it never fast enough for some people? 

TinktheSprite --- 347 days ago -

Speed limit on the HOV is 60 mph. Even the slowest drivers go 65 mph. But I'd say most average between 75-80 mph at least until they bump into someone who is going the speed limit instead of keeping with the flow of traffic on the one-lane road. 

Markster --- 347 days ago -

What to do depends on the expected outcome of your choice. Choose wisely 

Prolix Raconteur --- 347 days ago -

Just pass them on the wider sections. They usually get the message. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 347 days ago -

Could they be any worse than slow drivers in the left lane? 

Four Pinocchios --- 347 days ago -

The only time I'm in the HOV is as a bus passenger. As for the main lanes, if someone is riding my a**, I just move the eff over and let them pass.

A month or so ago in the southbound 59 HOV lane around 7:30am, a motorcycle tried to go around the Townsen 257 bus where it split at the North Loop - he ended up killing himself.

The driver of that 257 told one of my bus friends that she cannot get the image of him flying around the bus, hitting the divider where the road split, and flying over the edge onto the Eastex freeway. 

TinktheSprite --- 347 days ago -

I don't mind following a Metro bus. They drive with the flow of traffic for the most part. They aren't slow. I had to follow a private bus the other day. He must have had a governor on it as it wouldn't go faster than 55. 5 miles below the speed limit.

And then, like some stupid drivers, some find it necessary to put on the brakes every time the road forks slowing down to 40. Who does that?! These people would never survive on the freeway!

I love the time saving of HOV/Toll roads. I just think that some drivers think they are the only ones on the road while on it since for the most part it's basically clear at certain times of the day. Look in the rear view mirror on occasion. You might see 6 cars behind you. 

WatchOut --- 347 days ago -

The other option isn't here. I'd probably pull to the side and let them pass. There is enough room in the HOV lane. Legal, maybe not, but at least I'd get them off my arse which would be annoying me and I'd get out of their way which was annoying them.

Problem solved. 

Four Pinocchios --- 347 days ago -

TinktheSprite --- 15 min ago - quote - hide comments
I don't mind following a Metro bus.

Agreed. What people fail to realize about the Metro buses is that they are trying to keep a schedule and typically aren't the ones impeding traffic. When
drivers are late getting to their stops, passengers call Metro and complain.

Additionally, the Metro drivers are familiar with every nook and cranny of the HOV lane whereas people often get in the HOV without any idea where they are supposed to exit, so they slow down at every interchange. 

FANCY PANTS --- 346 days ago -

Look in the rear view mirror on occasion. You might see 6 cars behind you.?

So what if 6 cars are behind you. If I'm on the HOV going 65-70 MPH they can just be behind me. They should be pleased they are in a protected area away from the normal traffic. It's not like it's no man's land and you can go any speed you want. There are posted speed limits which range from 45-60 MPH. It's not the Autobahn!

It just does not make sense to me that someone would ride someone's butt to save themselves a few minutes. It's very selfish! What if the person in front of them had to stomp on the breaks. What if they are having a really bad day? Maybe they lost their job, broke up with their significant other, or found out their parent died? 

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