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I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-19, 6 years ago.

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Gray Kitten - 104 days ago

You're keeping the kitty? Now get the mom and give her a home too.

Brad and Angie - 104 days ago

I can say this since the mods obviously allowed your personal attack of the OP....4P's, well aren't you a peach. No wonder you were dumped.

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 104 days ago

[i]He is sick and should be arrested and put in jail where the inmates can take care of him.?[/i] In other words, you condone crime when it suits your needs. Crime is crime is crime. Brea...

Democrats responsible for Sutherland church massacre - 104 days ago

[i]Democrats seems to prefer protecting criminals' rights over those of law-abiding citizens'.?[/i] [b]Republicans seem to prefer arming criminals to the hilt so they can gun down law-abiding c...

Democrats responsible for Sutherland church massacre - 104 days ago

Here's the real TRUTH of what happened to Cruz's POS bill and also the COMPLETE STORY: Senate bill to extend background checks killed by filibuster By Brad Plumer April 17, 2013 So much for sig...

Democrats responsible for Sutherland church massacre - 104 days ago

Where's the usual moderator and why hasn't she iced the OP and deleted this thread which is clearly trolling? Right-i-o, this supports her agenda so it gets to stay. Let's face it, there's more to...

POLL: HOV - 105 days ago

The other option isn't here. I'd probably pull to the side and let them pass. There is enough room in the HOV lane. Legal, maybe not, but at least I'd get them off my arse which would be annoying m...

Brad and Angie - 105 days ago

[i]You're weird. And annoying.Not judging; just my opinion. [/i] That's actually a personal attack on a poster and a lot different than said poster attacking political candidates. I call 'e...

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 105 days ago


Another one bites the dust!!!! - 105 days ago

[i]How can I take Snopes seriously with many talking of funding by Soros??? [/i] Faux has taught y'all a retort for everything, all of which are unsubstantiated by fact.

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