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Do you have water in Kingspoint?

who's talking here?

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chiguirre --- 3 years ago -

Our water pressure is very low. Is it a neighborhood wide problem or am I uniquely cursed? 

kaydeeloo --- 3 years ago -

I don't, and I've talked to three other households in Kings Pt that also don't have any pressure. Royal Shores does. 

a2805319uu --- 3 years ago -

According to COH public works: water main break in area, effecting large area in KW, no estimated time of repair.
Don't drink tap water unless you boil it. 

chiguirre --- 3 years ago -

I called 311. It's a water main break at High Valley and Kingwood Drive. No estimate on repair time yet (at 7 am). 

napoleon --- 3 years ago -

Thanks for info! 

needsleep --- 3 years ago -

Thanks for posting I was running around the house and out side thinking I had a break. I did faintly smell sewage. 

MKgirl --- 3 years ago -

Royal shores does not have water pressure either. 

Its Mygirl01 --- 3 years ago -

My water in Greentree is a nasty brown color, yuck!! 

Spinqueen222 --- 3 years ago -

My water is slightly brown now, but it was really brown earlier. Wonder if we have to boil it before drinking? 

ClassOf68 --- 3 years ago -

Brown water in MBV 

SpottedPuppy --- 3 years ago -

Unofficial reports are that it may not be restored until tomorrow... 

needsleep --- 3 years ago -

Anything new? 

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