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I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-10, 11 years ago.

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Low water pressure KP? - 5 years ago


Montrose Street Church - 5 years ago

It warms my heart to see this service being provided. No prejudice no judgement just people coming together with commonality for the belief of Jesus Christ. Great job putting together this video and t...

My Teen Daughter available to baby sit/pet sit this summer - 5 years ago

This not helicopter parenting. The kid is barely 15. Mom is looking after her daughter's safety too. It is quite normal to become familiar with the parent of the teen babysitter too, so I don't see an...

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Are Not Aging Well - 5 years ago

[url=]Very Mary Kate[/url]

Old Sears is Gone - 5 years ago

Aldi actually pays their employees well with benefits. Both stores bring jobs full and part time. Both companies bring in tax revenue based dollars. I have no qualms shopping at either store. Don't ge...

United Airlines removes paying passenger for refusing to give up seat - 5 years ago

I don't get why he being a "physician" would abscond him from being part of the magic ball decision to give up his seat. His flipping line of work is no more than important than anyone else's. By the ...

United Airlines removes paying passenger for refusing to give up seat - 5 years ago

I never find my self in these give up your seat deals. I would have taken it. Now how they took him off the plane was awful.

Squirrels and Crisco - 5 years ago

LOL !!!

The KU Health Care Proposal - 5 years ago

^ agree with Dorothy. Private insurance can still be purchased. It's like driving a basic car vs a luxury car. Basic health care needs to also apply to dental and vision. No, providers should not deny...

Healthcare failed... - 5 years ago

AMDG, as I said "so called BBD"..pubs and dems read it and thought it was not in the best interest at this time so it was scrapped. Back to the drawing board with hopefully a better idea what is wante...

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