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Best Carpet Cleaners?

who's talking here?

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Maxx01 --- 3 years ago -

Any recommendations or is it better to DIY?

The only companies I know of are Decker's (they are local) and Ooops which advertises on the radio. 

Gigix4 --- 3 years ago -

I spent about $150 on a carpet shampooer, a Bissell, it's easy to use and do it myself. The machine is always in the closet, right beside the vac and I can use it whenever I want and/or do as much as I want. My family room carpet takes a beating so it gets cleaned more often than the other rooms with carpet.

The only company that I would refer you to is Pearson's. 

Maxx01 --- 3 years ago -

I spent about $150 on a carpet shampooer, a Bissell, it's easy to use and do it myself.

Interesting. Is the carpet damp for a long time? Does it use a carpet shampoo or just hot water? 

Gigix4 --- 3 years ago -

Interesting. Is the carpet damp for a long time? Does it use a carpet shampoo or just hot water?

Usually, my carpets are dry to walk on within an hour, give or take. It vacuums up (sucks up) the majority of the water back into the tank ... with patience. You have to keep running the machine over the spot cleaned for a couple of minutes for it to suck up the excess water.

It can use a carpet shampoo or just hot tap water.

I usually use a slight amount of the shampoo in the dispenser ... a lot less than it shows on the dispenser, but I also pre-treat the areas that are really bad. Bissell sells the shampoo as well ... all at Walmart. 

Maxx01 --- 3 years ago -


Spinqueen222 --- 3 years ago -

I have used Power Chem dry from Spring,
Tx. 281-350-4644. They are reasonably priced and very reliable. The carpet dries very fast. 

Rubicon --- 3 years ago -

Fiber Fighters came out a couple of weeks ago to clean my carpet. They did a great job and were very reasonable.


Froggie --- 3 years ago -

Pearsons Carpet Cleaners is da bomb, I've used them for several years....always a great job and reasonably priced. 

I Love Reading --- 3 years ago -

Kiwi...We have used them for years. My 19 year old carpet looks pretty good for its age. 

Fresh Meat --- 3 years ago -

Do NOT use Pearson's, I'm sorry to say. Friends who are in the flooring business recommended them, so I hired them to clean my front rooms. I found them to be quite expensive.

The very next day following the cleaning, there was still a strong urine smell in 2 areas of our carpet, which was why I hired them in the first place. I called the company, they were very nice, and the same technician came out again.

I was told they would be cleaning all the carpets, but he didn't. He took a black light to locate urine, found the 2 areas and then proceeded to clean only those. I guess Pearson's has never heard of products that neutralize smells, because this second time, the pee smell was STILL there, and I'm out $240.

Never again. I called the Oxy Clean company in The Woodlands (have used them before), and for $302 they did almost the entire house and treated 2 rooms for urine.

I'd love to recommend Pearson's because I know they're locally and family owned, but my experience was not good at all. 

a4641293uu --- 3 years ago -

Input please: Which is better, dry cleaning the carpets or steam? I have pet stains. 

DVaz --- 3 years ago -

Anyone use the ones rented out at grocery stores? My mom used to when I was a kid. 

a889324uu --- 3 years ago -

The home versions are good for spot stains, and I use mine regularly, but you should get a professional out at least twice a year, as they get a deeper clean and "fluff" up the carpet, use a protector, etc. I rotate our company; downstairs, 3 months later upstairs, 3 months later downstairs, etc.

I have this one but I only paid $88 for it at Home Depot a few months ago. I was floored at the price. 

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