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The 'King of Whoppers': Donald Trump

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Judas 1

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Judas --- 7 years ago -

Like this is a good thing, to be king. BAHAHA GREAT LAUGH TO END THE YEAR WITH

December 21, 2015


It?s been a banner year for political whoppers ? and for one teller of tall tales in particular: Donald Trump.

In the 12 years of existence, we?ve never seen his match.

He stands out not only for the sheer number of his factually false claims, but also for his brazen refusals to admit error when proven wrong.

He is by no means the only one telling whoppers, of course. Once again this year there are plenty of politicians, in both parties, who hope voters will swallow their deceptive claims. Hillary Clinton, for one, said she was ?transparent? about her use of a private email server, when in fact she wasn?t. That was one of the bogus claims she made about her unusual email arrangement while secretary of state.

But Trump topped them all when he claimed to have seen nonexistent television coverage of ?thousands and thousands? of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 ? and then topped himself by demanding that fact-checkers apologize for exposing his claim as fantasy. And that?s only one example.

Here we?ve assembled, as we do every year at this time, a generous sampling of the most far-fetched, distorted or downright fallacious claims made during 2015.

In past years, we?ve not singled out a single claim or a single person, and have left it to readers to judge which whoppers they consider most egregious.

But this year the evidence is overwhelming and, in our judgment, conclusive. So, for the first time, we confer the title ?King of Whoppers.?

Note: This is a summary only. The full article with analysis, images and citations may be viewed on our website here. 

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