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school system

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jwhite1977 --- 3 years ago -

We just came from a different state school system and I was wondering if it is standard procedure. Teacher never gave my son his test back for review and she told him only if you fail then you can see it. He did not fail but did not do as well as he did in the subject before. School is about to start and I was wondering if this how system works here. I would think every student has a right to see the test paper and what mistakes they made. Please let me know. Thank you and have a great new year! 

sheddy --- 3 years ago -

That doesn't seem right. I would think most teachers would give the test back and let kids ask questions. How else are they suppose to learn? 

FANCY PANTS --- 3 years ago -

Teacher never gave my son his test back for review and she told him only if you fail then you can see it.

That does not seem fair. No matter the grade the student should get their tests back. Most of the time students can use their tests to study for midterms and finals. Maybe you should talk to someone. 

jwhite1977 --- 3 years ago -

This teacher told them that she wants to make sure they read the articles, so she creates questions herself and talks about little details - like what color the shoes were or who the best friend was. It is AP class and very hard. Kids are afraid to ask questions, she told them only if you fail you can see the test and i guess if you insist to see when you did not fail it means you will get in the group of "noisy" students... I have no idea what to do. Complain - you will loose... Parents advice what will you do! Thanks! 

jwhite1977 --- 3 years ago -

Thank you for your responses parents, I thought there was a problem... 

*LOL* --- 3 years ago -

Sometimes teachers don't want to give tests back because they reuse them and don't want the test copies floating around.

But in those cases the teachers pass the tests back and review the correct answers with the class and then collect the tests back up. I would guess keeping the tests also would be useful if the teacher needed to justify a grade or something later.

But students should be able to view their tests and see what questions they missed and understand their mistakes. 

sheddy --- 3 years ago -

Those are strange questions. If she is teaching them comprehension, you wouldn't be asking question about the color of their shoes. You could always ask to have a conference with her. Just tell her your son is concerned about the work he is doing in her class. 

OhBrother --- 3 years ago -

Your child needs to attend the teachers tutoring time so they can go over the test together. I'm sure you would be welcomed to attend also. I think your student is not giving you all of the details, but only what pits you against the teacher. Happens all the time. 

Joe Blow --- 3 years ago -

Agreed. Spoiled kids are the problem. 

mutton --- 3 years ago -

Sounds strange... 

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