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Awesome Master Bathroom Remodel Before During and After Pics

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HeavenMadeProducts --- 7 years ago -

We recently completed a total Master Bathroom Remodel for Dr. and Mrs. Leach in Kingwood. Jacque Meade and Mrs. Leach did the design and we completed everything in the photos. Our company can produce High End Remodeling at costs lower than several High End companies in the kingwood area, we don't have the showroom but Jacque Meade can help you to select everything you need for your project and we can put it together and in the end you can have a high end project at a lower cost.



Here are all of the before pics:

Here are all of the during pics:

Here are all of the after pics:

Call if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment so I can come out to look at your project.

Strictly Quality Remodeling
Michael Pitre

coach'sgirl --- 7 years ago -


whatchamacallit --- 7 years ago -

I love this bathroom! It looks like the tub extends into the shower forming a shower bench! All so pretty! The TV up on the ledge is genius! 

HeavenMadeProducts --- 7 years ago -

Sorry about the picture arrangement on photobucket, I had all of the photos in order and once they uploaded into photobucket they were all mixed up. It was worse when I had them all in order in one upload so I had to put them in three different folders to keep some kind of order. They ought to fix that. 

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