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Nonepileptic Seizures

who's talking here?

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Blessed1991 --- 7 years ago -

I've been in the hospital now since late Oct, home for 4 weeks and now back in again over a knee surgery that totally went bad, into having a by pass and a few debridement's . I have a lot of problems that have come along with this over the months but the newest is Nonepileptic Seizures which , I'm being told are being triggered by stress of going through not one surgery but a total of 8 so far which ahould have been an easy surgery turned out to be a nightmare. We have been told to seek an attorney but we're not sure who to trust. I am so tired and my body is so drained. Do you know of Nonepileptic Seizures and how they effect things. So far the least littlest things trigger mine. Please keep me in your prayers. 

CavemanBarney --- 7 years ago -

Sorry you're going through this. Will definitely say a prayer for you. 

TinktheSprite --- 7 years ago -

So sorry for what you have been through. Take care of yourself first. You will have time to find an attorney and fight a battle when you are more up to it. The statutes of limitations are far from expiring.

I only know seizures as they pertain to my dog. I know my dog will not die from them.

Was this in the Medical Center? Which hospital/doctor(s)? 

Holling Vincoeur --- 7 years ago -


Joe Blow --- 7 years ago -

I am so sorry to hear of this and will keep you in my thoughts.

Were you allergic to the artifical knee? I've heard doctors don't even discuss that possibility up front. WTFF


BoxerMama --- 7 years ago -

I am so sorry for all you have been through. There are a lot of artificial knee and hip surgeries that have gone bad. A lot of them are due to infections such staph infection due to contamination in surgery or from contaminated instruments, hips and knees. Some even have to have an amputation if all else fails. Your doctor should be able to explain nonepileptic seizures. Concentrate on getting well and praying for you. 

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