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Need an aide for shower's

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Blessed1991 --- 7 years ago -

Does anyone know of someone who is an aide or has experience with adults with dementia, Alzheimer's and has cancer as well. My father 67 yrs old had someone who was coming to our house to give him showers but she is no longer doing it. He will not let me help him but it does take someone who will help him shower and wash his hair. If you know someone or you do this , I would appreciate the help as soon as possible. This will be for at least a few times a week. you can text me @ 832-691-5538, call me or email me. Thank you in advance. 

Retired drama teacher --- 7 years ago -

You are better going through nursing business than to find on the Internet. We did that, found through word of mouth, and ended up with problems. 

TinktheSprite --- 7 years ago -

Talk to your dad's doctor's office. I am sure they have referrals and Social Services guidance for you and him. 

Zapper009 --- 7 years ago -

Harris and Montgomery counties - both have resources in this area. Don't try to hire this type of help on your own... 

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