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need some to look in on my cats

who's talking here?

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Luplup --- 2 years ago -

I will be gone for a week in July. I have four cats. They are indoor cats. I am looking for a college student to stop by once a day to feed them and clean the liter boxes. We live in Bear Branch. 

esquala --- 2 years ago -

If you say what it pays, you might get more responses. Good luck with your kitties. 

Kingwood Asylum --- 2 years ago -

Where in Bear Branch do you live? I can talk to my daughter or son if it's not too far maybe they can walk over and do it. It's not like they are doing anything else this summer lol. We live in Hunters Ridge. PM me. 

reh6110 --- 2 years ago -

My sister is a college student and has experience doing this. Depending on the dates she'd be happy to help. 

a4851663uu --- 2 years ago -

Hi! I live in BB & would love to care for your kitties. I have been pet sitting for close to 20 years in KW. Give me a call to discuss your pets' needs.
Nancy Home & Petsitting

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