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pediatric ENT suggestions

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a4204657uu --- 4 years ago -

Can anyone recommend a pediatric ENT for tubes in the Kingwood area? TIA 

Suzy --- 4 years ago -

Robert Hoffman he is awesome with kids 

EllieB123 --- 4 years ago -

We used Dr. Walter Moore at Houston ENT for my daughter. Dr. Thomas Clegg is also a great physician in that practice as well. 

trailwoodmom --- 4 years ago -

Each of these three are great. You won't go wrong with any of them. 

a29980uu --- 4 years ago -

all of those choices are good but none are pediatricians and ENTs. They are just ENTS that work with pediatric patients. Dr. Newton Duncan in the med center is both a pediatrician and a ENT. He was the only one that could fix the issues with my infant son after a year of trying everything else. 

trailwoodmom --- 4 years ago -

I guess you answered your own question. You probably need to go back to the med center to find specifically a pediatrician/ENT. All of these ENTs have had years doing this type of surgery, and, I venture to guess, thousands of pediatric patients in whom they placed tubes into their ears. 

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