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This isn't fair - Top 20% of Americans Will Pay 87% of Income Tax - 3 years ago

Markster - "They should pay more" ??? How old are you, 15? That's the

Dow Jones going down fast - 3 years ago

Jeez, someone fell asleep during high school economics class. Anyone with half a brain knows a sell-off comes after after an incline in increases. Most of investors wondered why it took so long for al...

DNA Test from - 4 years ago

Witchy, Cartman right on target. And those NPEs are more frequent than we think, and typically hidden. I speak from experience. If you want to read a good example of someone walking through the DNA pr...

DNA Test from - 4 years ago

The DNA test is not fake. My twin (non-identical) took 23 and me, then I took to compare. Both were consistent with each other, including the big surprise. You can then download your raw ...

Shellstation - 4 years ago

The motorcycle is still in the road, kingwood drive about half-way between the apartment complex entrance and the entrance to the Shell station. Chestnut Ridge is the closest crossroad from the motorc...

Kingwood High School - 4 years ago

Tryingto, you are spot on. But let me expand upon that: our senior citizens. The Enclave, completely destroyed, was home to retirees/senior citizens. I see folks in their '80s looking at this devastat...

One KW home flooded 22 times - 4 years ago

Interesting that a search of the Kingwood resident's name brought up the homeowner in Northshore, part of Forest Cove. The home was valued at around $50k yet the homeowner was quoted as having more th...

Mayor Turner wants to raise property taxes - 4 years ago

"According to the Mayor, the vast majority of the costs of Harvey will be paid back to us via FEMA, except like 113 million which is the cost of extra needed sanitation and cleaning of all the debris ...

Building/Flooding/Re-building - 4 years ago

The problem with this flood is that so many - majority? - were not in the 100 year flood plan and/or had never flooded before. The city of Houston has a flood permitting process designed, on paper, to...

2,941 Homes in Kingwood Flooded - 4 years ago

So Kingwood ranked #6 in numbers flooding out of 143 communities? And this number of homes represents about 10-15 percent of all homes in Kingwood? I'm extrapolating based on the population figures bu...

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